What is the material of fashion sexy underwear

What is the material of fashion sexy underwear

As a must -have item for modern women, sexy underwear has long come from the past taboos to the forefront of fashion.Not only is there a variety of styles, the materials are also very particular.In this article, I will introduce you to the main materials, as well as characteristics, advantages and disadvantages and how to use it and how to use it.

1. lace

Lace is a material commonly used in contemporary sexy underwear. As we all know, it is made of fine weaving and decoration. The unique pattern adds unlimited charm to it.Lace underwear has good breathability and comfort, and it is also very soft and does not cause damage to the skin.However, lace underwear is easy to wrinkle, and there may be risk of cutting injuries for bad quality lace.

2. satin

Satin is a material commonly used in fashion and sexy underwear. The texture is soft and smooth, and the feel is excellent.The satin products have good gloss and purity, and also have good breathability.However, satin is a relatively thin material, and it may lack support effect for women with plump figures.

3. Silk

The lightness and soft texture of silk make it one of the preferred materials for fashion sexy underwear.Silk is suitable for any skin type, with good breathability and comfort, and also shiny, very elegant.Compared with satin, silk anti -wrinkle resistance is stronger.

4. Cotton

Cotton is a natural raw material with excellent breathability and softness, so it is widely used in the production of sexy underwear.Cotton underwear is very comfortable and soft, which can provide good support effects.Unlike other materials, cotton materials need to be relatively high warm water and neutral detergent, and pay attention to keeping the shape when drying.

5. Polyester fiber

As a chemical material, polyester fiber has high strength, life and toughness, so it is also widely used.Polyester fiber sexy underwear has good anti -wrinkle resistance and waterproof effect, and it will not fade easily.However, polyester fiber underwear has poor breathability and low adaptability to the skin.

6. Cowboy

Cowboy is a material full of vitality and fashion. You can see that many fashion sexy underwear uses denim.Cowboy has good plasticity and comfort, and it also has good breathability, which is not easy to generate static electricity.However, the sexy underwear made of denim needs to be washed many times to achieve good comfort and breathability, which is more troublesome.

7. Leather

Leather sex underwear is a shocking product, which has noble, luxurious and indispensable sexy.But at the same time, the permeability and softness of the leather are relatively poor, and special attention should be paid to materials and production processes.At the same time, in daily maintenance, you also need to pay attention to the use of the right professional nursing solution.

8. Lall

Lace is an elegant, enchanting and detailed decorative material, which is often used in sexy underwear with other materials.The lace underwear is hand -sewing, which pays more attention to artistic and professionalism, and has a delicate and delicate texture.Compared with lace materials, lace also needs more precautions, such as the correct way of cleaning and avoiding long -term contact with the sun.


Each of the material used in fashion sex lingerie has its unique charm and applicability.When choosing a sexy underwear for yourself, you should choose the appropriate material according to your skin condition, body curve, and the environment.Correct maintenance and cleaning are also very important for extending service life.I hope this article can provide you with some practical underwear purchase experience and skills, strengthen your understanding of sexy underwear materials and provide a little reference for your choice.

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