What kind of sexy underwear is in the trademark

What is trademark classification

Trademark classification refers to the division of trademarks into different categories according to the types of commodities or services, the purpose is to facilitate trademark registration management.Trademark classification is an international practice, and it is applied in the trademark registration system of various countries.

Which trademark category does sex underwear belong to

Interest underwear mainly belongs to the 25th category of clothing, shoes and hats. This category includes all clothing and attachments for being worn or worn on the body, including sexy underwear, T -shirts, pants, skirts, etc.

Class 25 trademark protection scope

Within the scope of the 25th type of trademark, trademark owners can enjoy the only right to use similar products nationwide in accordance with the law.If others use the same or similar trademark without authorization, it will constitute trademark infringement and belong to infringement.

Consider the factors of trademark registration

When registering trademarks, the uniqueness, differences of trademarks, similarity, and feasibility of other trademarks must be considered.After the trademark registration is successful, the trademark owner can provide legal protection for the use of goods or services for its registered goods or services.

Features of sexy underwear market demand

With the gradual open social background, people’s ideas have gradually become open, and sex products are sought after.Interest underwear is sexy, beautiful, fashionable and other characteristics, and has a wide range of popularity in the market.

Fun underwear trademark registration case

In the case of sex underwear trademark registration, the trademark of American brand Victoria’s Secret is very widely known.The brand did not register trademarks in China by 2000, and because the brand’s name was involved in terms of sex, the application of trademarks faced greater resistance.However, after years of coordination and preparation, Victoria’s Secret finally successfully registered its rights in China.

How to protect your rights and interests in sex underwear trademark registration

When registering sex underwear trademarks, you need to pay attention to the following points: 1. Select a unique trademark or trademark portfolio; 2. Apply for other auxiliary registration types, such as three -dimensional trademarks, color trademarks, sound trademarks, etcThe dedicated right to prevent the infringement of malicious competitors; 4. Check whether the trademark is in use to avoid failure.

Design and creativity of sexy underwear trademarks

The trademark design of sexy underwear is mostly sexy, fashionable, and visual impact elements.For example, Victoria’s Secret uses angel’s image as its main design element, and Agent Provocateur is inspired by elements such as lace, tulle, wave dot.

Marketing strategy of sexy underwear trademarks

In the sexy underwear market, the marketing strategy of trademarks is also a very important part.For example, when promoting products, you can attract customers’ attention through unique colors and shapes; at the same time, you can also increase the brand’s popularity and reputation through brand ambassadors and advertising promotion.

Future sex underwear trademark trend

In terms of the future trend of sex underwear trademarks, more brands are expected to be dedicated to innovative design and creating personalized and high -quality products.At the same time, it is also necessary to pay more attention to the comfort and safety of the product to bring better shopping experience and guarantee to consumers.


Sex underwear trademarks have a very important role in the market. It not only represents the brand image and quality assurance, but also needs to follow the regulations of trademark registration to provide guarantees for the development of the brand.In the future, fun underwear brands need to attach great importance to changes in product quality and market demand, and continuously innovate and improve in order to gain a foothold in the fierce market competitive market.

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