What sexy underwear is good -looking for breasts

Girls with big breasts need to pay attention to sexy underwear choices

Each girl has its own unique characteristics, and for the different size of the chest, the sexy underwear that needs to be worn is also different.This article will introduce you to the choice of sexy underwear with big breasts.

Comfort and support is the focus

Girls with big breasts need comfort and support. This needs to be given priority when choosing sexy underwear.First, remember to choose a bra with good support.Followed by comfort, choose soft, elastic fabrics to ensure comfort.

There must be a suitable cup size

Choosing the right cup size is also a problem that the big breasts must consider when choosing a sexy underwear.If the cup is too small, the chest may cause the chest to turn, and the too large cup will not only affect the beauty, not suitable for wearing, but also cause unnecessary burden on chest health.

Choose a three -hook bra

For big breasts, a three -hook bra can better support the chest and avoid relaxation.In addition, the three -hook bra is generally equipped with a detachable or adjustable shoulder strap or strap to adapt to different physical forms.This allows girls to adjust their bras better and make them more comfortable and fit.

Choose a bra with adjustable bust

Choosing a sexy underwear that can adjust the bust is a smart choice for big girls.Adjusting according to your body and other personal needs can get the best comfort and support to avoid discomfort and pain caused by inappropriate sizes or insufficient tightness.

Pay attention to the choice of one shoulder bra

For girls with big breasts, sexy lingerie in the shoulder needs to be carefully considered.One -word shoulder bra is sexy in appearance, but the chest is not tight enough, the pressure on the breast is not large enough, it is easy to make the contour insufficiently obvious, and the protruding degree is not enough to affect the aesthetics.

Preferred to consider whether there is a steel ring

Girls with big breasts choose to consider whether there are steel rings when purchasing sexy underwear.The bras designed by the steel ring can better support the chest and prevent it from relaxing.However, for some special circumstances, such as breast hyperplasia, sexy underwear with steel rings is not suitable, because wearing steel rings for a long time will cause it to compress and affect physical health.

Choose functional erotic suits

For big girls with active needs, such as physical exercise or outdoor activities, choosing functional sexy underwear, such as moisture, sweat, breathable, and other sexy underwear is a wise choice.This kind of sexy underwear can better absorb sweat and keep it refreshing, and at the same time, it can keep the chest tight.

Don’t choose too tight sexy underwear

Girls with big breasts should also avoid choosing too tight underwear when purchasing sexy underwear.Too tight erotic underwear will not only be restrained on the chest, but also prone to the problem of bounce, pain, and impermeability of rebound.

Choose V -neckline sex underwear

Finally, for girls who are pursuing beautiful, it is a good choice to choose a V -neckline sex underwear.This style of sexy underwear can show the beautiful lines of women, and can better maintain the beauty and support of the chest.


Girls with big breasts when choosing sexy underwear, they need to give priority to comfort and support, choose the appropriate cup size and bottom sizes, and choose a three -hook or adjustable sexy underwear.Steel -type sexy underwear, choosing V -line collar sexy underwear can show a beautiful curve and maintain a beautiful choice.

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