What sexy underwear wears a small girl

1. Try to choose a thin and light style

Small girls are relatively small and have less muscles. Choosing thin and thin styles can avoid too thick and bulky underwear.

2. Choose a style with moderate bandwidth

For small girls, the chest is relatively small, so there is no need to be too wide bra. Generally, you choose a style with moderate width.

3. Choose a more personal material

The material of the underwear is very important. Small girls should choose more close -fitting materials, such as cotton, Modal and other fabrics to ensure the fit and breathability of the skin on the skin.

4. Choose a simple and silhouette underwear

Small girls are generally small in tall. They should choose simple styles. There are no too many lace and decorative underwear. At the same time, pay attention to the silhouette of the underwear, giving a full -bodied visual effect.

Fifth, choose a sexy underwear suitable for your body

Underwear must not only be suitable for your body, but also to wear different occasions. Small girls can choose some adults’ sexy lingerie or sexual erotic lingerie, but they must be suitable for their figure.

6. Choose underwear color that suits your skin tone

The color of the underwear is also very important. Small girls need to choose the color of underwear suitable for their skin tone to ensure that they are more confident and comfortable to wear.

Seven, pay attention to the quality of underwear

The quality of underwear is very important. Small girls can choose some well -known brands of underwear to ensure that the fabrics, craftsmanship and comfort of the underwear can be guaranteed.

8. The size of the underwear should be accurate

The size of the underwear is also very important. Be sure to customize or buy it according to your own size, so as to ensure the comfort and fit of the underwear.

Nine, consider the effect of matching

When wearing underwear, you also need to consider matching effects. Small girls can choose some well -matched and harmonious underwear to achieve better visual effects.

Ten, self -confidence wearing

In the end, a small girl must be confident in underwear, so that she can show her beautiful figure and sexy charm.

In short, the small girl should pay attention to the lightness of the style, the brands of the bras, the moderate bandwidth of the bra, and the material of the material. At the same time, pay attention to the effect of matching the effect and the quality and size of the underwear.The most important thing is to be full of confidence and show your charming figure and sexy charm.

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