What should I do if I wear a sexy lingerie and empty cup

How to wear sexual emotional and fun underwear to achieve the perfect effect on flat chest?This is the most concerned issue when choosing sexy underwear when choosing sexy underwear.Wearing empty cups of sexy underwear, while maintaining sexy, can also show plump breasts, making yourself more confident.This article will give suggestions and skills from multiple aspects to help flat -breasted women achieve perfect results in sexy underwear.

1. Select the underwear style correctly

For flat -breasted women, it is very critical to choose the style of underwear that suits them.You should try to choose a cup with a certain thickness and a narrow shoulder strap, which can make your chest more plump.At the same time, you can choose underwear with a certain filling effect. For example, you can consider choosing some underwear with thick filling or underwear with chest pads.This can make the chest look more rounded and plump.

2. Select the correct size

When choosing a sexy underwear, flat -breasted women need to choose the right size.Too large or small size will make the chest look flat.You should choose the right size that is suitable for your body. Do not pay too much attention to the size to make the underwear more close and can fully show your own lines.

3. Outside wearing

When choosing a sexy underwear, you can consider choosing some styles that can be worn outside or outside.Choose the appropriate outer outer jacket or wearing see -through shorts, which can not only increase some mystery, but also cover the flatness of the chest well, making the chest more plump.

4. Choose loose materials

When choosing a sexy underwear, the material is also a key factor.Loose and light materials can better shape sexy and relaxed and comfortable feelings.Not only is it more comfortable to wear, but also a popular feeling when wearing it.

5. Wearing a blocked top

When wearing a sexy underwear, you can choose some highly blocked tops, such as some short jackets, so that you don’t have to worry too much about Taiping.In this way, the flat chest can be fully covered, and perfectly shows the aesthetics of plump chest.

6. Create chest outline

Some erotic lingerie clothing can also create some tangible and contour on the upper installation of exquisite geometric patterns without a cup cover.In this way, it can create more geometric patterns instead of being supported on the premise of not taking too much effort.

7. Rich accessories

Specifications in accessories are also a factor that cannot be ignored.Choosing a flashing necklace, earrings that are different from your skin color or silver, golden vibrato or bracelets can increase a wonderful beauty.These accessories that can attract others not only make themselves more confident in sexy underwear, but also make their chests feel different.

8. Don’t be too restrained

In the end, when wearing a sexy underwear, women do not focus on the flat problems of the chest, relax their mentality, and enjoy the fun of wearing sexy underwear.Sexy is not just a problem with a ruler, but also rich emotions. The cuteness and smiles reach the confidence and smile of each other’s heart.

In short, for flat -breasted women, when choosing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to different factors such as the choice of style, size of the size, material and top of tops.Through these methods and techniques, through some small changes, you can fully show your beauty when wearing sexy underwear, make you a sexy woman, and have a more confident life.

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