What style of sexy underwear is good -looking

Brand recommendation area

When choosing a sexy lingerie style, the brand is also a very important factor.Recommend a few well -known brands, including Victoria ’s Secret, La Perla, Agent Provocateur, Bluebella, Honey Birdette, etc.


If you want to add a sweet or sexy atmosphere, then lace style is a good choice.The design of lace erotic lingerie will add a lot of patterns and transparent materials in design, so it can show women’s figure and charm well.

The matching of the bra and panties

Interest underwear is not only a bran or underwear, but the combination of the two.When choosing, you need to ensure that the style of the two is matched, which can show the overall effect well.

Tulle style

Type -style sexy underwear is particularly suitable for summer wear.They can show women’s figure well, and make people feel as if wearing a transparent clothes, adding a little mysterious feeling.

Imitation leather style

If you have a wild or decadent atmosphere, then the imitation leather style will be a good choice.This style of sexy underwear is often equipped with metal ring decoration, making the overall effect more domineering.


The bellyband is a classic sexy lingerie style.As a more explicit design, the bellyband can fully show the charm of women, but also adds a sexy temperament.

Transparent material

The transparent material is a common design element in sexy underwear.This material can show the female shape well, and it makes people feel a mysterious feeling, making you more tempting.

Bondage style

The restraint of the style of sexy underwear is a very popular design.They will add straps and other decorations in design, which can show women’s shape and style.


The vest -style sexy underwear is simple, but it will not lose sexy and cute.Compared with other styles, vest styles are more suitable for women with slightly conservatives, fully showing women’s charming temperament.


Whether you like lace, tulle, bondage, or transparent or belly -style sexy underwear, you will always find a style that suits you.When choosing, it is important to ensure that the style matches your body, which is the key to making you truly beautiful.

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