What time is the sexy underwear suitable for wearing

When is it suitable to wear sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a special underwear, which is usually worn to create a sexy and romantic atmosphere.So, what time and occasion should we wear sexy underwear?This article will explore this issue from several aspects.

Private moments in lovers

The most suitable time is of course the private moment of the lover.When you want to evoke the desire of the other half and let the opposite sex show sexy charm, sexy underwear is an excellent choice.It can not only bring a sexy experience, but also increase the atmosphere of interest and fun, making your love happier and happy.

Dress at dating

Interest underwear can not only be used on the bed, but also can also gain something at dating.Sekical erotic underwear can strengthen your self -confidence and make you bolder and confident.In this way, you will be more attractive and make the other party more fascinating to you.

Ordinary daily wear

Interest underwear can not only be worn in special occasions. Usually housework, or watching TV can be used as a chance to wear sexy underwear.It can quickly create a sexy atmosphere at home and make daily life full of complex emotional experience.

Marriage, honeymoon, anniversary

For those who already have partners, special festivals such as marriage, honeymoon, and anniversary can also wear a good choice to wear sexy underwear.This can not only increase the atmosphere, but also make your feelings more hot and better, and it is very suitable to create a romantic tone.

Working hours

In daily work, wearing erotic underwear is not an appropriate choice.Because erotic underwear itself is a special concern, which will attract the attention of others.If wearing sexy underwear in work occasions will not only affect work efficiency, but also cause misunderstandings or discomfort from others.

Sports sports

Wearing sexy underwear in sports or sports is not a good idea.It is usually not breathable and easy to wrinkle, which is uncomfortable.Coupled with the flow of sweat, it will cause sexy underwear to become unhygienic, and even cause skin allergic reactions.

When a guest is visiting

If a guest comes to visit, it is obviously impolite to wear a sexy underwear.Doing this will make your guests embarrassed and uncomfortable.Creating sexy atmosphere should not be displayed in public, which is an inappropriate behavior.

Try new style

Sex underwear allows you to try new fashion styles.Generally speaking, underwear can be worn as part of the coat.For example, perspective sexy underwear can be matched with single skirts, shorts and other items to form a unique skin style.

Not suitable for some people

It should be noted that sexy underwear is not suitable for everyone.For example, for women during pregnancy and other people with defects or uncomfortable people in their bodies, wearing erotic underwear may increase the burden on the body and be unfavorable to the body.


Interest underwear is a special underwear that needs to consider the occasion of use carefully.In private moments, dating, special festivals, and flat families, the family is very suitable for using sexy underwear daily.And we should avoid wearing in work, exercise, receiving guests, etc.At the same time, for women and people who are uncomfortable during pregnancy, wearing erotic underwear needs to be carefully considered according to personal conditions.

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