What time to wear sex underwear

What time to wear sex underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy clothing that can inspire some of the inner passion and desires, so it is one of the room props that many couples are keen to use.However, when you wear more times, sexy underwear will slowly wear or aging. So what time to change the sex underwear?Here are a few reference points:

1. Decrease functionality

Interest underwear should play a role in beautifying the figure. When its slimming and shaping effect gradually decreased or even unable to play a role, at this time, the erotic underwear needs to be replaced.For example, the original underwear of the waist cannot be effectively waist now, or the cleavage is no longer prominent.At the same time, underwear materials will also become bad due to the movement of time, and there is no more personal feeling to wear.

2. wear or deformation

In addition to the reduction of functionality, wear or deformation is also an important signal for changing sexy underwear.At this time, the head of the underwear began to be exposed, and even pockets and bandages broke.If the edge line on the underwear has fallen off, this is also one of the important reasons for changing the underwear.If the material of sexy underwear cannot restore the original shape, it needs to be updated in time.

3. Vague

Over time, sexy underwear may gradually blur due to multiple washing, losing the original color and brightness.For example, if a white sex underwear becomes gray, you need to change a new clothing.Similarly, if the striped pattern is no longer clear, it also shows that it should be replaced.

4. Not fit

When you find that tight -fitting underwear is no longer close to the body, this is also one of the signals to replace the underwear.In addition, with the gradual wear or deformation, the size of the underwear will change. If the underwear is easy to get into the skin and leave a local discomfort on the body, you need to replace the underwear.

5. Breeding bacteria

Another reason for changing underwear is the reason for sanitation.After wearing and washing many times, sexy underwear is easy to breed bacteria, and it will spread a unpleasant taste.Therefore, underwear should be replaced or repeatedly cleaned.If you cannot remove potential bacteria and dirt, you need to replace it.

6. Lack of freshness

If you feel the freshness of the underwear disappears, of course you need to change it.Fresh sense refers to the exciting feeling that produces when wearing underwear.If the underwear cannot bring a sense of passion again, a new underwear is needed.

7. Limited years

Even if there are enough budgets and well maintain, in the absence of use, sexy underwear will be aging and damaged due to the movement of time.This is because the material of the underwear is very sensitive to the exposure of time and sunlight, so they do not maintain a good state, and can only be used in a certain time.

8. Add new clothes

Finally, there is another obvious reason for changing the erotic underwear, which is to add new and more suitable for your own underwear.Sometimes, new sexy underwear will make you feel more sexy.From this perspective, when you need to look or feel more sexy, the replacement of underwear is not a bad thing.

in conclusion:

Interesting underwear, although it is not normal to wear it, it is an essential prop in our bedroom, and it is also an important equipment for couples to set off the atmosphere.However, we cannot wear old underwear forever. When the underwear has excessive wear, deformation, unattractive or unable to add passion for us, maybe it is time to change sex underwear.

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