What to do if the sexy underwear is not fat

Introduction: The ultimate solution of sexy underwear is not fat

Each woman is yearning for a set of sexy erotic underwear to show her beautiful posture.However, many women are hesitant because of their own body shape, worried that wearing sexy underwear is even fatter.Today, I will share with you some tips that are not fat when wearing sexy underwear, so that you can maintain a perfect figure while sexy.

Tip 1: Choose the right sexy underwear size

The right size is the key to maintaining the beauty.If the sexual underwear size is too large, it will cause unnecessary wrinkles and loosening, making your body more bloated; if the size is too small, it will make your fat and meatballs burst out.It will also become very embarrassing.

Tip 2: Try to repair sexy underwear

The slim -fitting sexy underwear has a good body shape effect. It can be tightly wrapped in the belly, thighs and other parts, so that the body looks more slender and well -proportioned, and at the same time, it will not look too monotonous under the decoration of the sexy underwear.This enhances women’s self -confidence and shows the perfect body shape.

Tip 3: Choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you

Different people are suitable for different sexy lingerie styles. When choosing, pay attention to the characteristics and advantages of their bodies, and choose the most suitable style for them.For example, if you have slender waistlines and thighs, you can choose a waist -shaped sexy underwear to highlight your curve beauty; if your thighs and waist are full, you can choose to cover the well -covered suit sexy underwear, decorate it with details, decorate detailslook away.

Tips 4: enough underwear to stick to

An important part of sexy underwear is the sense of personal underwear. Excessive tightening will make your body deform, and excessive loose will make your body look loose.When choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the problem of personal degree.To ensure that the sexy lingerie is moderate, it is directly close to the skin, and the decoration is just right. It is both beautiful and comfortable.

Tips 5: Choose sexy underwear color that is consistent with your skin color

I believe that everyone knows that everyone knows the sexy underwear that is similar to my skin color, because it can improve the skin color and prevent the body from being fat.Light -skinned women with meat -colored sexy underwear. Women with yellow skin should try warm -colored underwear, while women with black skin can choose gold, silver, purple and other colors.

Tips 6: Paired with the right shoes

The perfect combination of sexy underwear not only needs to consider the underwear itself, but also the matching of shoes.Putting on the right shoes can lengthen the proportion of the figure and appear more slender.High heels are the most common choices, and they are also the most charm of women.

Tips 7: Pay attention to the detail design of the underwear

The details in the sexy underwear are critical, and the design of the design will directly affect the overall beauty and comfort.A good design will not make your stomach and waist too prominent, but to make your body graceful.

Tip 8: Confidence and temperament are also important

Finally, the most important technique: confidence.No matter how plump or weak your body is, you should wear sexy underwear with confidence.Having an indomitable spirit and a certain temperament, no matter what kind of sexy underwear is put on, it will show a perfect figure and a beautiful heart.

Conclusion: The secret of not being fat in erotic underwear is the details and confidence

The above is the tips that I shared with everyone’s sexy underwear. As long as they are used properly, they can easily have a perfect figure.However, the most important thing is to believe in your beauty, know how to show your advantages, and let people remember the uniqueness of your beauty and charm.

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