What to do if there is no sales of sexy underwear online stores


Interest underwear is a characteristic industry, with relatively few stores, and sex underwear online stores are better sales channels.However, during the operation, some online stores are always selling poorly and cannot save the business situation. What should I do at this time?

Observation online shop

First of all, we need to observe a comprehensive observation of online stores.From the perspective of shop nature, shop decoration, product quality, product price, operation model, marketing method, etc., find your own problems and gaps, and analyze the reasons.

Brand Positioning

Interesting underwear online stores need to determine their own brand positioning, including product types and consumer groups.It cannot be interested in all consumers, so the target object needs to be specifically found to find a common consumption interest.

Store construction

Shop decoration is the first step for customers to understand online stores.Different seasons and holidays also need different decoration themes and add activity content.To ensure that the store is clean and tidy to avoid outdated content and dazzling advertisements.

product quality

Interest underwear is a product related to personal health, and quality problems must be maintained.Starting from suppliers, quality production manufacturers, detection of materials, and so on.At the same time, evaluate and certify product German standards.

product price

Product price is one of the important purchase decisions for consumers. It needs to be adjusted in accordance with the current market price. Compared with peers, it is competitive and the quality ratio is reasonable.It is necessary to study a balanced price and product dividend cycle to provide appropriate prices.

marketing techniques

To do a good job of marketing activities of sexy underwear online stores and establish a better promotional strategy.You can start using WeChat, Weibo, public welfare advertising, community activities to promote the content of promotional activities.With the expansion of fans and user bases, social communication perpendicular to the sexy underwear industry will become more important.

Operating mode

The operation mode of distinguishing in different circumstances must be combined with various products.Distributed, concentrated, cloud -type and other operation methods need to be selected according to specific conditions.Regional sales and regional recruitment will be better formulated and promoted.

After -sales service

After -sales service is an important part of customer satisfaction, and an important factor in increasing returning customers and word -of -mouth.Establish a complete after -sales service mechanism, solve the problem of customers in a timely and perfectly and perfectly, and make customers more satisfied.

Check the supply chain

Interesting underwear online stores are not good in sales, and you can also check the supply chain.Including suppliers, manufacturers, logistics, warehousing and other industrial chains, these all directly affect the sales situation.It is necessary to find the most suitable supplier and professional talents in various fields to ensure the best service.


In the sexy lingerie line, the wrong approach will lead to poor sales of sexy underwear online stores.Finding problems, correction matters and marketing improvement will help increase sales and increase brand favorability.

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