What to do with sexy underwear licenses

What is a sex lingerie license?

The sex lingerie license refers to a license certificate issued by the health department to engage in related businesses and individuals that engage in related businesses such as the production, sales, and operation of love underwear.Holding sexy underwear licenses is one of the necessary conditions for legal lingerie business.

Application process of sexy underwear license

1. Preparation materials: business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate and safety production license.

2. Go to the local health department to submit the application materials, fill in the application form, and pay the relevant fees.

3. The health department reviews the application materials. If it meets the requirements, on -site inspections will be performed.

4. If the on -site inspection is qualified, the health department will issue a sex lingerie license.

Validity and precautions for sex lingerie licenues

The validity period of the sex lingerie license is one year, and annual inspection and review need to be conducted during the validity period.In the process of operation, we need to abide by relevant national laws and regulations to ensure the quality and safety of sexy underwear products, and safeguard consumer rights.

The role of sexy underwear license

Holding a sexy underwear license can prove that when companies or individuals are engaged in the emotional underwear industry, they have passed the corresponding approval procedures to obtain the recognition of consumers and markets, and enhance the public’s sense of trust and security.At the same time, the sex lingerie license also helps regulate the order of the sexy underwear market industry and protect consumer rights.

The necessity of sexy underwear licenses

Holding a sex lingerie license not only meets the requirements of national laws and regulations, but also effectively protects the rights and interests of producers and consumers, and ensure the safety and quality of sexy underwear.In addition, holding a sexy underwear license can also improve the legal compliance of enterprises, and the business environment will be better.

Can I do business without sex underwear licenses?

The market in the sex underwear industry is huge, so some companies or individuals who do not have sex underwear licenses can also operate.However, when conducting sexy underwear business, we must abide by relevant national laws and regulations to ensure the quality and safety of sexy underwear products, and to abide by market norms.Otherwise, once safety problems occur, they will face great legal risks and credibility.

How to check the authenticity of the sexy underwear license?

Consumers sometimes worry about whether the sexy underwear they buy has a real sexy underwear license.Citizens can log in to the official website of the local health institution, enter a sex lingerie licensed number or related enterprise information for verification, or verify through remote query.

The cost of sex underwear license

The cost of sexy underwear licenses varies depending on the size of the region and business. Generally, it is between thousands and tens of thousands of yuan. The audit fee and annual inspection fee need to be paid separately. The specific expenses shall consult the local health institution.

The future of the sexy underwear industry

With the continuous changes in the social environment and lifestyle, people’s demand for sexy underwear has increased year by year.In order to meet the needs of consumers, the sexy underwear industry should continuously improve product quality and safety, while actively carrying out new business models such as the Internet and online sales to expand new market space.


Interest underwear is a special clothing, which has the characteristics of innovation and personalization.Holding a sexy underwear license is an important way to ensure consumers, enterprises and society.The sexy underwear industry should take the premise of legal compliance, follow the road of sustainable development, and be a responsible industry.

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