Where can I sell sexy underwear in Beijing


For modern women, it is no longer a strange topic for modern women. Many female friends will wear sexy underwear in daily life to increase their sexy charm.If you also want to buy sexy underwear, but do not know where to sell sex underwear in Beijing, then this article will definitely help you.

shopping mall

Shopping malls are a common way to buy sexy underwear, especially large shopping malls, such as Beijing Wangfujing Department Store and Beijing Pacific Department Store, which have a lot of sexy underwear brands.

brand store

Interest underwear brands usually open their own brand stores in the mall, such as Beijing Ruili Fun Lingerie Stores, Love Innerwear Stores, etc.


Today, Taobao has become the first choice for many women to buy sex products.On Taobao, you can find a variety of brand and style of sexy underwear.

Jingdong Mall

As a well -known domestic e -commerce platform in China, Jingdong Mall also provides a lot of sexual underwear.You can search for sexy underwear of multiple brands on JD.

Brand website

Buying sexy underwear on the brand’s official website is also a good choice.On the brand’s official website, you can check more detailed product information and enjoy more discounts.

Niche brand store

In addition to some big brands, some niche sexy underwear brands have also opened their own physical stores in Beijing, such as "Temptress", "Saint", "Triumph" and so on.

Online shopping platform

In addition to Taobao and JD.com, other online shopping platforms also provide rich sexy underwear choices.Such as Pinduoduo, Vipshop, etc.

Adult products store

Adult products stores are also a channel for buying sexy underwear. These stores are mainly facing adults, and many businesses also provide some professional sexy lingerie custom services.

Fashion designer shop

Some fashion designer stores will also launch some sexy -style sexy underwear. These designer stores are positioned popular, and the prices are relatively close to the people.


In short, if you want to buy sexy underwear, there are still many channels for choosing. From shopping malls to e -commerce platforms, from brand official website to niche brand stores, you can choose according to your preferences, budgets, and purchase habits.

I hope this article can provide some help for you to buy sexy underwear in Beijing.

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