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Xiaolan sex underwear purchase guide

Interest underwear is not just a tool for men and women. It has become an important element for women to show their beautiful curves and sexy charm.In Xiaolan, you can find a lot of different styles of sexy underwear, but how can you choose to truly suitable for you?Next, you will provide you with a guide to buying sexy underwear.

Know your body

Knowing your figure is the most critical element for buying sexy underwear.Because sexy underwear can magnify the advantages and disadvantages of the figure.Different body types of sexy underwear are also different.For example, thin -body women are suitable for wearing sexy underwear with filling cups and increasing chest width.When choosing stockings, short women are best to choose light or plain styles.

Safety is the first place

When buying sexy underwear, especially in Xiaolan, to ensure the quality and safety of the product.Avoid buying products that are not suitable for you or fake and shoddy products.It is recommended to buy it in a reputable merchant, and check the label carefully to understand the composition and washing method of the fabric.

Choose a style suitable for the occasion

Every occasion has a corresponding sexy lingerie style.When buying in Xiaolan, be sure to evaluate the occasions you wear first.If you are a surprise for your partner, you can select the sexy gift style.When wearing at home, casual clothes and socks or pajamas are more suitable choices.

Attention to detail

When buying in Xiaolan, you must pay attention to details.For example, the size of the clothes, the instructions of the underwear, etc.Be sure to try it on to ensure that the size is appropriate to avoid unnecessary embarrassment to buy too small or too large products.In addition, you must also pay attention to the details, such as lip prints or bead decoration, etc. These design can enhance the visual effect.

Color choice

Color is another important element of sexy underwear.Especially in Xiaolan, presumably you can find a lot of different styles of different styles.If you want to show mature charm, it is recommended to choose dark colors such as red and black.However, if you like a cute atmosphere, you should choose a brighter color or pink system.

Copy physical defects

Even the best figure is imperfect. Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can help make up for the shortcomings in the body.For example, if your hips are too flat, you can choose underwear with a back waist pad to make the hip visual effect better.And if you want to increase your body’s softness, the filling effect of the bra can help you achieve this.

Appropriate material

Selection materials for sex underwear are also very important. Poor quality underwear not only affects the appearance, but also has adverse effects on health.In Xiaolan, it is recommended to choose high -quality materials such as natural fiber fabrics and polyester. These materials are comfortable and breathable, and they are more sexy to wear.

Wearing comfort

The design and style of sexy underwear are very radical, and you must pay attention to the comfort of wearing.You can choose a few trials before buying to understand its comfort.Pay attention to your physical feelings at any time in the process of dressing to avoid unnecessary discomfort caused by excessive tightness.

Selection of accessories

Sex underwear also needs to choose a suitable accessory for you.For example, stockings are one of the important accessories of sexy underwear.In Xiaolan, you can choose more suitable stockings and colors according to your body characteristics to enhance your sexy charm.


Xiaolan brings a variety of sexy underwear for the majority of enthusiasts. How to buy and wear it requires our physical attempts.However, as long as you follow the above guide, you can find a more sexy underwear that is more suitable for you, and put it on it at appropriate time to show your sexy charm.

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