Where to be exposed after sexy lingerie

Why do I need to expose sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a relatively special underwear. Its material and style may be very different from ordinary underwear.The main purpose of exposure underwear is sterilization, disinfection and mildew.

Time to expose sexy underwear

Generally, sexy underwear is recommended to be exposed at night, because direct sunlight will cause damage to some materials.But in cloudy days and rainy days, you can choose to expose the room during the day.

Location of sexy underwear

Because sexy underwear is more private, you should pay attention to the choice of location when you are sunny.The better location is selected for the position of the rhodole, the balcony, the pajamas, etc.

Can’t expose the places where the sexy underwear

Interest underwear should avoid placing outdoors, such as branches, yards, etc.In addition, try to avoid mixing with other clothes as much as possible to avoid cross -infected diseases.

How to expose sexy underwear

Interesting underwear should have a breathable environment, you can choose to dry or air dry, which is more conducive to the smooth breathing of sexy underwear.If you need to be dehumidified, you can choose to put some desiccants.

How to expose lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear needs to take certain measures to expose.A clean towel can be paved on the sexy underwear so that the lace fabric can be protected from damage.

How to expose stockings and sexy underwear

For the erotic underwear of stockings, it is recommended to reverse them.This can reduce the direct exposure time of the socks, and it will not directly expose the color difference after the sun.

How to expose leather and sexy underwear

Leather sex underwear is not recommended to expose it directly.You can choose to dry in a ventilated place, or air dry in the cool indoor.Don’t put it in a humid place to avoid mold and smell.

How to expose crystal sexy underwear

If there is a decorative crystal decoration on the erotic underwear, it is recommended to remove the crystal before the sun.The crystal part can be wiped with a clean towel, and then placed in a cool place.

Precautions for exposure underwear

It is best to check whether the underwear is damaged before the lingerie is sunny.If there is a rustic and hooking, it may be more obvious after the sun. It is recommended to repair or replace it in time.


Danity underwear is one of the important disinfection steps, but you should also pay attention to the time, place, method, and precautions of the sun.I hope that everyone can love their sexy underwear and clean and disinfection correctly.

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