Which sexy underwear is comfortable

Understand the definition of comfort

Before choosing sexy underwear, we need to understand an important factor -the definition of comfort.In the field of erotic underwear, comfort refers to the feeling when wearing underwear -not tight, not loose, not, and itchy, which is completely suitable for the body.

Brand impact comfort

The brand has a great impact on the comfort of sexy underwear.When designing sexy underwear, some well -known brands will pay attention to details and use high -quality fabrics and design technologies.In contrast, some unknown brands may use cheap fabrics and relatively simple designs, resulting in insufficient dressing.

The effect of material on comfort

The comfort of sex underwear is closely related to the material.The materials that are more suitable for sexy underwear are cotton, silk, lace, fiber and spandex.Different materials can cause different stimulation and pressure on the skin, so we need to choose the materials that our skin like.

Size is very important

Appropriate size is critical to the comfort of sexy underwear.Wearing a suitable size underwear will make us feel more comfortable, rather than tightened or restrained.Before buying, it is best to use the size table to find the size that is best for you.

Design and style influence

In addition to materials and sizes, the design and style of sexy underwear will also affect the wear feel.For example, different styles of bras may have different support for the chest, and different types of trousers may make us feel more free or tighter.

Pay attention to detail design

Many sexy underwear brands will focus on design details.For example, adding pads and adjustable shoulder straps can make us more relaxed and comfortable to wear sexy underwear.In addition, some details can make sexy underwear more fashionable, interesting and attractive.

Permanentness is very important

When we wear sexy underwear, good breathability is very important.When choosing, we need to pay special attention to the breathability of the materials.Well -breathable sexy underwear can reduce sweat and moisture, easier to absorb, and reduce friction and bacterial breeding.

Pay attention to the effect after washing

When choosing a sexy underwear, we should pay attention to its after washing effect.Some sexy lingerie may be deformed after washing, or loses the original color, or even cause too relaxation or too tight.We need to choose underwear with full testing and washing instructions to avoid these situations.

Avoid exposure to allergens

Many people may be allergic to certain ingredients in underwear materials, especially for certain flavors and dyes.When choosing sexy underwear, we should choose underwear that indicates ingredients and additives.When wearing sexy underwear, you need to pay special attention to whether your body is discomfort.

The relationship between comfort and price

When choosing sexy underwear, we should clarify a fact: price and comfort are not proportional.Some expensive erotic underwear are not necessarily more comfortable, and some cheap sexy underwear may also be comfortable.When buying, we should take comfort as the main standard, not the price.

in conclusion

In general, the key to choosing sexy underwear is to find the most comfortable and suitable underwear.Brands, materials, sizes, design, after washing effects and prices all need to be considered.We need to spend time to choose to ensure that the sexy underwear we choose can make us feel very happy when wearing, and at the same time have confidence and beauty.

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