Who draws FGO’s sexy lingerie map

Brief introduction

FGO is a popular mobile game. In this game, there are many royal characters. Some of the queen women’s sexy lingerie maps are very eye -catching.However, there is a problem that has always troubled many players. Who draws these sexy lingerie maps?In this article, we will unveil this mystery for readers.

Sex underwear designer

FGO’s sexy underwear is designed and drawn by a Japanese sexy underwear designer. Her name is Misaki Kurehito.Kurehito is good at depicting emotional and soft female images, and often uses her illustrations in the fields of novels, comics, games and sexy underwear.

design concept

Kurehito’s design focuses on emphasizing women’s beauty.She is good at drawing delicate details and unique color matching solutions to create an impressive sexy underwear.In addition, she is used to creating her works from a female perspective to ensure that the design of sexy underwear is consistent with the female figure.

Painting skills

Kurehito’s painting skills mainly involve color use, line performance, light and shadow shape, and character image design.Her color use is very detailed, and she can stack different colors together to create a more layered beauty.In addition, her lines are very detailed and can accurately capture the smoothness of details and skin.The characters of painting are also very distinctive, and the personality and personality of the character is matched.

Interest underwear type

There are many types of sexy underwear in FGOs, such as beautiful women’s sexy underwear, sexy lingerie, adult erotic underwear, European and American sex underwear, etc.Kurehito’s design focuses on highlighting women’s sexy and slender curves, making sexy underwear more embarrassing.

The degree of popularity

Kurehito’s illustration is loved by many fans in Japan and globally because of its unique style.Because the dirty thoughts were banned, the FGO’s sexy lingerie map was also banned by some countries and was controversial.


Because her illustration was widely recognized, Kurehito’s paintings were very popular.She has received extensive attention and support, and she has received generous remuneration.


Kurehito’s sexy underwear design style is deeply welcomed by many sexy underwear manufacturers. Her design concept has had a huge impact on the entire sexy underwear market.To a certain extent, her illustration creation has become one of the inspiration sources of many sexy underwear design.


So far, we have learned about some basic situations of FGO sexy underwear designer Misaki Kurehito, including her design concept, painting skills, sexy lingerie types, popularity, benefits, and influence.Although her paintings still have many controversy and doubts, she is still a very talented sexy underwear designer.

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