Why don’t you buy sexy underwear in the mall

Why don’t you buy sexy underwear in the mall

As a sexy female underwear, sexy underwear has been welcomed by women in recent years, but in traditional shopping malls, why do women choose to buy sexy underwear?The following are several possible reasons:

Excessive price

The price of some shopping malls is relatively high, and many women may think that the price is not worth buying.Although the design and material cost of sexy underwear are relatively high, if the mall can provide more discounts or sales activities, more people may have interest in buying sexy underwear.

There are fewer varieties

There are not many sexy lingerie styles in the mall, which may make consumers feel that the choice of purchases is not enough.If merchants can provide more different designs and colors, they will be more in line with the needs of different consumers, and they can also increase sales.

Inconvenient to try on

The sexy underwear in the mall is usually a closed display method, and consumers may not be able to try it on.In addition, the size of the sexy underwear is different from ordinary underwear, and a better trial experience is needed.Merchants can provide more trials to make it easier for consumers to choose a sexy underwear that suits them.

Social obstacle

Many consumers may feel shy or uncomfortable due to the unique nature of sexy underwear.This requires merchants to provide a more comfortable purchasing environment, such as isolation -style fitting rooms and private payment channels, so that consumers can buy sexy underwear in a comfortable environment.

Private issues

Due to the special nature of sexy underwear, some consumers may not want others to know they are buying it.Merchants can provide stricter privacy protection measures to make consumers buy sexy underwear more at ease.

Personalized demand

Everyone’s underwear needs are different, and sexy underwear is no exception.Merchants can provide more personalized options, such as customized services or personalized design options to help consumers better meet their needs.

Lack of promotion

Merchants may not be active in promoting sexy underwear.Through more activities such as advertising and discount discounts, consumers understand love underwear and increase their interest in their purchase.

quality problem

The quality of erotic underwear provided by some merchants is unbelievable, which will make consumers feel disturbed and unwilling.Merchants can provide better quality assurance and after -sales service, so that consumers are willing to buy sexy underwear in the mall.

Little inventory is required

Interest underwear is not worn by every woman. Some consumers may just buy for a specific occasion, and the purchase volume is not large.Merchants may consider reducing the inventory of sexy underwear to avoid the backlog of inventory and unnecessary costs.

in conclusion

Although these reasons may allow consumers to be unwilling to buy sexy underwear in the mall, merchants can also attract more consumers by providing more preferential discounts, rich styles and more comfortable purchasing environment.As long as these concerns and problems can be solved, sexy underwear can also become a popular product in the mall.

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