Wife’s sexy underwear the most

Wife’s sexy underwear the most

Whether it is given to his girlfriend as a gift or buying it yourself, sex underwear has become a very popular topic in modern times.For many women, a sexy sexy underwear can not only stimulate male visual nerves, but also make themselves confident and pleasant.In my house, my wife’s collection of sexy underwear is too much.Below, this article will introduce related issues such as the type, selection and use suggestions of sexy underwear.


1. Lale erotic underwear

Low sexy underwear is a very transparent underwear.Its main feature is that it uses fine lace decoration, which is very sexy and seductive.And its transparent fabric can not only make the figure more prominent, but also make male compatriots feast.

2. Cortical sexy underwear

Leather sex underwear is mainly made of leather and imitic foam, and its texture has a very unique feeling.The design style of leather sex underwear is particularly suitable for couples who are keen to be keen on SM toys sex.

3. Sling erotic underwear

Tibetan sex lingerie focuses on unique design styles.Its main body is composed of some very decorative suspenders, and through these suspenders, women’s bodies will be visually displayed visually. The suspender erotic underwear is also a choice to enhance the "seductive" effect.


1. style matching

When choosing a sexy underwear, the first thing to consider is style.It is the key to match your own style, which can help you buy more beautiful and comfortable sexy underwear.

2. The size is appropriate

In addition, for women with different figures, the choice of size is also a critical step.If the size selection is wrong, it will not only affect your physical form, but also make your dressing effect greatly discount.

3. Quality consideration

Finally, quality factors need to be considered.Choosing a better quality and more comfortable underwear will have a better experience.At the same time, reasonable care and maintenance methods can also extend the service life of sexy underwear.


1. With clothing

Interest underwear is used as a sexy dress, but it is not you can wear it alone at once.With the appropriate clothing matching, it can build a more complete sexy image.

2. Adjust the atmosphere

When using sex underwear, you also need to consider the occasion and the atmosphere of temperament.Some ways to soothe music and candlelight romance can effectively improve the use of sexy underwear.

3. Precautions for washing

In daily use, special attention is needed to pay attention to the precautions.Cleaning in the correct way can ensure the quality and cleanliness of the underwear.It is recommended to use flexible washing solution and dry after washing to avoid deformation.

in conclusion

Whether it is to choose lace, leather, suspenders, or other types of sexy underwear, it is necessary to take its own shape, needs, personality, and temperament as the main basis.In terms of usage, in conjunction with clothing, atmosphere and correct care methods, you can get a better sexy experience.

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