Women’s shaved body hair wears sexy underwear


Interest underwear is a costume that allows women to enhance sexual charm, but in order to make sexy underwear the greatest effect, women need to pay attention to their own beauty.In modern society, body beauty has become an important part of women’s beauty. In addition to cosmetics, skin care products, weight loss, and weight loss, there is also a link.So how should women shave hair before wearing fun underwear?Let’s explain in detail below.

Select the correct shaving tool

Women should use professional pruning or shaver to shave their hair, not cheap razors.Because choosing different quality shaving tools may cause incomplete shaving, unevenness, and knife injury.

Choose the time of shaving

Women should shave hair after bathing or shower, which can make the skin wet and reduce the possibility of skin scratch.Moreover, the pores will be opened after bathing, the hair will become softer, it is easier to be scratched, and it can also reduce the stimulation and pain of the skin.

Use appropriate shaving skills

When shaving, women should follow the correct shaving skills.For example, shaving the hair in the direction of the hair growth, and then shaving the direction of the hair growth, which can ensure the cleanliness of shaving.In addition, when shaving, keeping the angle of shaving into the skin is unchanged, and the angle cannot be changed. This can effectively avoid cutting the skin.

Pay attention to cleaning and hydration

After shaving, women should clean the skin, not only to remove the dandruff and bacteria left when shaving, but also alleviate the skin irritation.At the same time, women also need to give the skin sufficient moisture and nutrition, which can use moisturizing body lotion or frost to moisturize the skin.

Avoid excessive shaving

Women do not blindly pursue clean and beautiful when shaving. Excessive shaving will make the hair more rigid, cause greater damage to the skin, and may cause skin diseases such as folliculitis.Therefore, women should choose the right degree of shaving according to their needs and skin texture.

Pay attention to the hygiene of shaving areas

Women should also pay attention to regional hygiene when shaving.For example, do not shave in a clean place in public bathrooms, otherwise bacteria may be infected.At the same time, women should also pay attention to the cleaning of private parts and keep them clean and dry at any time.

Follow personal hygiene habits

Women also need to follow their personal hygiene habits when shaving.For example, do not share razors with others to avoid cross -infection of bacteria.In addition, women must also choose a brand with warranty and certification when buying shaving tools to ensure the quality and safety of the product.

Choose the right sexy underwear

When women wear fun underwear, they also need to choose underwear suitable for their bodies and styles.Different underwear styles and materials are suitable for different people to wear, and you need to choose according to your personal figure, preferences and skin texture.For example, a tulle -like material will make the skin more sensitive. Women should pay special attention to choose comfortable and breathable materials.

Develop good self -care habits

Good self -care habits can maintain good health and prevent diseases.Women not only need to pay attention to the external beauty of the body, but also pay attention to internal care, such as insisting on exercise, eating health, and maintaining a good attitude.


Women’s shaving is to make the sexy underwear on the body more beautiful and sexy, but when shaving, you need to pay attention to physical hygiene, shaving skills and personal habits.Only women who choose can add more mysterious charm to underwear to achieve better results.

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