ww sex lingerie outside wearing


Sex underwear is generally linked with private occasions, but now the trend of WW sex underwear is becoming more and more obvious.This combination is not only popular in the fashion industry, but also gradually becomes the daily wear choice of many women.So how to buy sexy underwear suitable for external wear?The following editors will introduce it from the aspects of style, material, color, etc.

Choose the right style

WW sex lingerie needs to choose some formal styles when wearing outside.For example, the sex vest of the lapel, the V -collar sex top, etc. are all good choices.While retaining sexy, these styles can also look less presumptuous and more decent.

Pay attention to the choice of material

The material of WW sex lingerie is also very important for external wear.Although some materials seem to have sexy labels, they look too weird when wear out.Therefore, it is necessary to choose soft and delicate materials such as silk, cotton, etc.This more comfortable material can adapt to the need for wearing needs.

Color matching

The color of WW sex lingerie is different from daily underwear, and more often needs to be matched with the outer dress.When choosing color, you can consider using the classic color system of black and white gray, or the light color system is also a good choice.Both options can be matched with conventional clothes, and they will not appear too public.

Length control

The length of WW sex lingerie is also an important factor in choice.If you want to be mature and elegant, you can choose some moderate lengths.If you pursue sexy and passion, you can try to choose short sexy underwear, which can better show the body curve and long leg effects.

Use of texture

Some interesting patterns or textures can add more layering and fun to the matching of WW sex underwear.These elements can be used on less underwear in public places to achieve the effect of enhancing personal charm.

Overall coordination

When buying underwear, the overall coordination is also important.According to your personal style and temperament, consider choosing the right style and color with the main clothes.At the same time, we must also consider your own figure, choosing underwear can better modify your body.

Scenes and matching

WW erotic underwear should also make the right choice according to specific occasions.For example, in formal occasions, you need to choose some more neutral and mature sexy underwear, and in more private and casual occasions, you can choose some sexy and bold underwear styles.

Suitable for your own style

The most important point is that when choosing a sexy underwear, choose a style that suits you.Everyone’s body characteristics, wearing style and temperament are different, and they need to be selected and matched according to their preferences.Whether it is the trend of sexy and publicity, or a neutral and elegant temperament, you need to make your underwear style in line with your identity and taste.

in conclusion

As a mix trend, WW sex underwear is not a difficult thing. As long as there is a correct choice and match, you can create a personal charm style.Not only in private occasions, but also in daily daily wear, you can also use the way of wearing sex underwear to increase your fashion and taste.

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