Xinyan Little Princess Li Yanxi Funny Lingerie

Xinyan Little Princess Li Yanxi Funny Lingerie

brand introduction

Princess Xinyan is a Chinese local sexy underwear brand, and it is a sweet style.The brand emphasizes the combination of sexy and cute, mainly for young women aged 20-35.Li Yanxi is the spokesperson of the brand. She is a artist from Taiwan, China, and is called "Little Princess" because of its sweet appearance.

Design Features

Xinyan Princess Li Yanxi’s sexy underwear is sweet and cute. It uses elements such as lace, bow, lace, lace stitching to create a sexy effect.The design is simple and generous, and there is no too much complicated modification, making the entire underwear very comfortable and natural.

Style classification

Xinyan Princess Li Yanxi’s sexy underwear is mainly divided into three categories: bras, sexual clothes, and sex skirts.

Drain: The brands are mainly divided into three types: girl’s bras, comfortable steel rim bras, and extremely tall and sexy bra. Each bra has multiple colors and styles.

Interesting conjoined clothing: The brand’s sexual clothes are unique in design. They are mostly made with lace, and they can be worn with single parts or underwear.

Interest skirt: The brand’s sex skirt is mainly made of gauze net and lace stitching. The hem is paired with lace lace, which is more sexy and charming.

suitable occasion

Xinyan Little Princess Li Yanxi’s sexy underwear is suitable for various occasions, such as::

Bedding: Of course, this is one of the main uses of underwear.

Dressing for evening: With a pair of high heels, you can make you focus at the party.

Wedding wearing: Wearing the little princess Li Yanxi in the wedding of the wedding, the little princess Li Yanxi, the charm.

size selection

Xinyan Little Princess Li Yanxi’s fun underwear selection is recommended to measure their bust and lower circumference size, and then choose according to the size watch.In the selection process, you can also consult customer service to get more suggestions and opinions.


The material of the little princess Li Yanxi’s sexy underwear mainly uses soft, comfortable silk, lace, gauze and other materials.These materials can be comfortable and comfortable, and at the same time close the body, showing sexy effects.

Price range

Xinyan Princess Li Yanxi’s sexy underwear is relatively close to the people, mainly concentrated between 200-500 yuan.For young women, this price is more suitable.


Xinyan Princess Li Yanxi’s sexual underwear is very simple.You only need to wash according to the instructions on the label, and pay attention to avoid high temperature, avoid light, and sun exposure in order to ensure the life and performance of the underwear.

Brand evaluation

In general, Princess Xinyan Princess Li Yanxi’s sexy underwear is a brand that is very suitable for young women.Its design is sweet and cute, the price is close to the people, and the size choice is more reasonable.However, the brand’s products are not suitable for all women, because its design style is too germinated, which may not be the best choice for women who like mature styles.


If you are a young woman who is pursuing a sweet and cute style and has a strong interest in sexy and charming underwear, then Xinyan’s little princess Li Yanxi is a good choice.Of course, if you like mature and elegant styles, then the sexy underwear of other brands may be more suitable for you.

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