Xu Ruohuan wearing a fun underwear picture Daquan

Xu Ruoyu’s sexy underwear style

Xu Ruohuan is a small and fresh Taiwanese actress, which is loved by fans with a sweet and pleasant image.But the star boldly tried sexy underwear and once became the spokesperson for sex underwear.So what are the styles of Xu Ruohuan wearing sexy underwear?Let’s take a look together.

Sweet: Wear more sexy underwear of lace lace

Xu Ruoyu’s sweet image has always been one of the reasons for her popularity. Therefore, she did not give up this style when wearing a fun underwear.She often wears a lace lace, which makes her look more delicate and cute.

Sexy: low -cut, perspective sexy underwear

In addition to sweetness, Xu Ruohuan also likes to challenge sexy sexy underwear, such as low -cut or perspective styles.Such a sexy underwear shows her graceful figure and shows her feminine charm.

Retro: High waist, fixed shoulder strap’s sexy underwear

Xu Ruohuan also likes to be called "small fresh" retro style.She often wore a sexy underwear with high waist and fixed shoulder straps. This style emphasizes her slender waist and chest, and she also has a nostalgic feeling.

Sports: suitable for sports women’s sexy underwear

As a female star who maintains her figure all year round, Xu Ruohuan also likes to wear some sexy underwear suitable for sports women, such as a style with sports type tightening effect.This sexy underwear allows her to show her body more confidently.

Color: Focus on the sexy underwear that pays attention to

In terms of color matching, Xu Ruohuan also pays great attention to matching.She likes to choose a bright and concise -style sexy underwear, especially with clear contrasting colors, which will make her more eye -catching.

Unique: She is not restricted to traditional sexy lingerie

Unlike the traditional sexy underwear, Xu Ruohuan’s choices are diverse. She will not only choose traditional sexy lingerie styles, but also choose some strange and special styles, such as complicated patterns, emphasis on lines, and creative styles.

Elegant: She likes simple and atmospheric sexy underwear

In some occasions, Xu Ruohuan will also choose a simple and atmospheric sexy underwear, which makes people feel very elegant.She likes some designs without fancy details and emphasize the overall sense of simplicity.

Occasionally: What kind of sexy underwear she knows what is suitable for wearing

As an experienced star, Xu Ruohuan knows which sex underwear is suitable for what occasions.She likes to choose different sexy underwear according to different occasions, such as weddings, banquets and other formal occasions. She will choose more serious and solemn sexy underwear, and in more private occasions, she will choose to be more gorgeous and sexythe design of.


Xu Ruoyu’s sexy underwear has a variety of and unique style. Her selection and color matching are deeply sought after and appreciated by some young tide people.She is not restricted to tradition, dares to try various styles of sexy underwear, and pays attention to matching.This provides us with a good revelation: we should not bind our choice of sexy underwear because of some inherent cognition. We should also try various styles and choose the one that suits us.

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