Yoshizawa’s Stewn Fairy Underwear Number

Introduction to Yoshizawa Mingbu

Yoshizawa is a Japanese AV actress, and is very popular in Japan and Asia with her beautiful figure and moving temperament.In addition to playing a role in the movie, she has also filmed advertisements for some sexy underwear brands, becoming a representative of the sexy underwear industry.As a result, her sexy underwear has become the collection object of many sexy underwear enthusiasts.

The meaning of the number

Japanese AV actresses’ sexy underwear numbers are generally called "scale", which represents the types of sexy underwear and the scale of shooting and manufacturers.For example: The number of sexy underwear is ABCD-123. Among them, ABCD indicates that the manufacturer, 123 represents the scale of sexy underwear.

Yoshizawa’s Type of Fun Underwear Number

There are three types of sexy underwear in Yoshizawa Mingbu, which are SM, abnormal and anal sex.Among them, SM refers to the abuse plot in sexy underwear, and the pervert represents the content beyond conventional sexual behavior, while anal sex refers to the anal -centered sex scene.

SM type sexy underwear number number

The SM -type erotic underwear number is mainly characterized by the abuse plot, and its content is more violent.Yoshizawa Makoto will perform with props, handcuffs, beeswax and other props as SM Queen.Her number includes SMBD, SMD, etc., showing her outstanding performance skills and ability to control SM plots.

Perverted type of sexy underwear number

Yoshizawa’s perverted types of sexy underwear are characterized by sexual behavior beyond conventional sexual behavior.For example, in certain numbers, Yoshizawa will play some strange sexy characters, such as goddesses, nuns, etc.Among these sexy underwear, there are BDA, MDS, etc., constantly challenging the taboos of sex.

Anal sex type sexy underwear number number

The erotic underwear number of anal sex types is relatively special. Yoshizawa Mindu often plays some strong female characters, and often cooperates with some items.For example, her anal sex number includes BDA, GAS, etc., expressing the vital control and dominance of emotions in the scene of anal sex.

Yoshizawa’s popularity and representativeness

As the representative of the sexy underwear, Yoshizawa Mingbu is very well -known in Asia.Her number is mainly based on her sexy underwear works, representing classic works in the sexy underwear film and television industry, such as SBMX and SMBD.

Yoshizawa Aesthetics and Artistic

Yoshizawa’s aesthetics and artistic nature of the Interesting Lingerie cannot be underestimated.Her shape and accomplishment represent the aesthetics and understanding of sex at that time.She is not only an actor, but also a representative of the art of erotic underwear. She has not only sex scenes, but also the sex aesthetics represented by art.Her number LL [BD906] and so on represent the existence of this sexy underwear art.

Yoshizawa’s ideological connotation

Yoshizawa’s number has influence on the Japanese AV and sexy underwear industry.In her name, the personalism and sexy underwear shooting skills of sexy underwear represent her creativity and artistic.

Yoshizawa Mingbu’s value

The value of Yoshizawa Mingbu is not just entertainment, it represents our understanding and aesthetics of sex.Interesting underwear is an indispensable part of sexual life, and the number of Yoshizawa Ogiya allows us to better understand the diversity and beauty of erotic underwear.

Yoshizawa’s Fanfan

Yoshizawa’s number is very popular among sexy underwear enthusiasts, and many people use them as collectibles.They are not only precious history of sexy underwear, but also represent our understanding of the aesthetic and value of sexy underwear.Therefore, Yoshizawa Mingbu’s number has also become part of a wide range of sexy underwear culture.

in conclusion

As the representative of the sexy underwear industry, Yoshizawa Mingbu shows the diversity and aesthetics of sexy underwear in her number, and also expresses our understanding of the aesthetic and value of sex.Her number is not only part of entertainment, but also represents precious treasures of sexy underwear culture and sexy lingerie history.

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