You can get fun underwear or something

[You can check the sexy underwear or something]

As a sexy underwear expert, you may have such a question: Can you carry a sexy underwear during airplane security?The following will be answered in detail for you.

What is sexy underwear?

First of all, let’s clarify what is sexy underwear.Interesting underwear refers to underwear with unique design, tempting, can increase interest and romantic atmosphere.Interest underwear is usually used to increase interest and passion between couples, and it is also a way to show personality.

Declaration of aircraft security

Before answering whether we can carry sexy underwear, we need to understand the requirements of aircraft security inspection.According to the provisions issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, flammable, explosive, vulnerable, vulnerable or harmful to flying safety items carried by passengers’ liquid, gas, colloidal products and tools are not allowed to carry items or luggage in their own.

Is sexy underwear considered as flammable, explosive, infected or harmful to flight safety items?

After investigation and understanding, sexy underwear is not considered to be flammable, explosive, infected or endangered with flight safety.

Can I bring sexy underwear into the cabin?

Under the premise of meeting the aircraft security check, passengers can bring sexy underwear into the cabin.However, it should be noted that when choosing and carrying sexy underwear, the feelings of other travelers and civilized etiquette should be taken into account.

How to carry sexy underwear?

When carrying erotic underwear, in order to avoid discomfort to other passengers, confidentiality is needed.You can place sexy underwear in a portable luggage. It is best to choose opaque bags or packaging for protection.At the same time, it can also be identified on the parcel to avoid misunderstandings of sexy underwear during inspection.

Other matters that need attention

In addition to confidentiality and packaging, passengers also need to pay attention to the following:

1. Avoid carrying too exaggerated and explicit sexy underwear to avoid interference with other passengers.

2. During the flight security inspection, the situation should be explained to security officials in order to successfully complete the security inspection.

3. If you carry sex underwear in your luggage, it is best to choose checked baggage to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and discomfort to yourself and others.

in conclusion

In summary, passengers can bring sexy underwear into the cabin, but they need to do a good job of confidentiality and civilized etiquette before ensuring the safety of passengers and other personnel.

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