Yueyang sex underwear model recruitment phone number

Yueyang sex underwear model recruitment phone number

Background introduction

Yueyang, as a prefecture -level city in Hunan Province, also has a certain amount in the sexy underwear market.In recent years, the market demand of sexy underwear has gradually increased, which has also made more and more Yueyang sexy underwear shops began to recruit models to display products.

Recruitment requirements

Yueyang’s sexy underwear shop has certain requirements for recruitment models, mainly including figure proportions, facial features, and temperament.Generally speaking, height requirements are more than 1.65 meters, and the important body is kept in a suitable range.In addition, facial features require exquisite features and elegant temperament.

Work content

Yueyang’s sexy underwear shop mainly requires models to display product display and wearing demonstrations.Models need to put on the sexy underwear provided by the store to show the characteristics and charm of the product, and cooperate with the store staff to perform related work such as shooting and advertising.


Yueyang Fun Lingerie Shop usually includes two parts: basic salary and commission.The basic wages are based on the model’s shooting duration and work performance, and the commission is mainly distributed based on the proportion of sales.

Recruitment channels

In the process of recruitment models, Yueyang’s sexy underwear shop usually carry out publicity through various channels, including various social media platforms, recruitment websites, and Internet advertisements.In addition, related posters at the door of the store are also a common way.

Model recruitment phone

Yueyang’s sexy underwear shop usually publishes model recruitment calls on publicity posters or various online platforms. Those who intend to participate in Yueyang’s Info Underwear Model Recruitment can contact the relevant details and processes by phone and consult related details.The more popular recruitment calls start with 135 or 137.

Join the Model Circle Precautions

To join Yueyang’s sexy underwear model, you need to pay attention to the details of personal figures, beauty, makeup, and emotional management.In addition, models need to often participate in the training and training activities of store organizations to improve their own display and performance skills.

risk warning

Although Yueyang’s sexy underwear model recruitment can get a certain amount of benefits, models need to pay attention to prevent use and deception by hacked merchants or scammers.In the process of participating in the recruitment process, you must have a certain ability to distinguish and caution to avoid the traps of adverse merchants.


With the gradual heating up in the sexy underwear market, the demand for Yueyang sex underwear models will continue to increase.For those who have a certain talent and temperament, joining the Yueyang sex underwear model industry may be a good choice.At the same time, the higher treatment of sexy underwear models has also increased attraction to the industry.


As an industry with continuous development potential, Yueyang’s sex underwear model recruitment will continue to improve.Those who are interested in acting as sexy underwear models can learn about relevant information and processes through various channels, and at the same time need to pay attention to maintaining their own image and beware of the deception of bad businesses.

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