Seating the meat to hold the meat beautifully

Seating the meat to hold the meat beautifully


Interest underwear is a clothing that makes women more sexy and confident.In the market, there are many different styles of sexy underwear to choose from, but the problem that many people care about is that wearing sex underwear will look good?This article will answer this question from multiple angles.

The effect of bra and panties on the meat grabbing meat

First of all, to answer this question, you need to distinguish the style of sexy underwear.Different styles or different materials have different effects on whether to grab meat.For example, a cup -style sexy underwear with a bray underwear is even more stretched than a short skirt underwear, and some sexy underwear will be tighter, making the meat easier to hold.

Measurement of bust and hip circumference is very important for the choice of size

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It is important to choose a sexy underwear size that suits you.Breast and hip measurement is very important. Only in the correct size can we ensure that the sexy underwear achieves the best results.If the size is too small, the sexy underwear will grab the skin and it looks very tight. On the contrary, if the size is too large, the sexy underwear will be loose and unable to keep the shape.

The effect of style and material selection on comfort

Of course, wearing comfort also needs to be considered.Some fine fabrics and design can not only make you look beautiful and sexy, but also make you feel very comfortable.Appropriate internal pressure can stimulate the appropriate part of the body without having to hold or uncomfortable.

The right body line is the most beautiful

Especially in the belly, if the sexy underwear is too tight, it will be very serious. Not only is it not good -looking, it will also put pressure on the body.Properly looseness allows you to keep your sedation while sexy, and ensure that you have a healthy body line.

Correct way of wear

Putting more fun underwear.Especially when choosing a tighter style, it is very important to wear correctly.For example, if you wear ultra -low waistline for underwear, be careful not to straigh your pants on your waist, but you should put your pants on the position of your hips.

Selection of color and style

In addition to the factors mentioned above, color and style are also two important aspects that affect the effect of sexy lingerie.You should choose the color and style of the occasions that are suitable for your skin tone and wearing.And pay attention to matching, wearing techniques can be more lucky to highlight your body.

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The cause of the formation of meat

Sex underwear holding meat is often caused by the following factors:

Choose inappropriate size;

Choose too tight styles or too tight materials;

The posture is incorrect or incorrect when wearing.

Features of sexy underwear lace fabric

At present, the fabrics and styles commonly used in the market in the market are very diverse. For example, the sexy underwear of lace fabrics is very popular.The lace fabric has a gentle ultimate sexy and soft texture effect. Although the place of grabbing may be slightly tight, people’s eyes and other feelings will be immersed in the beauty of lace instead of being uncomfortable by holding the skin.

Features of silk fabric

Compared with lace fabrics, the sexy underwear of silk fabrics is usually comfortable and soft.Because of this, many silk -textured underwear generally does not hold the skin.And this is one of the reasons why many women choose silk fabrics.

in conclusion

In general, the problem of wearing sexy lingerie and hard -working meat should be reasonably selected according to personal hobbies and clothes. Choose a size and comfort that suits you, correctly wear it, with good colors and styles. These can help you wear it.Avoid unnecessary feelings when sexy underwear, to maximize the beauty and sexy.