Sex underwear codes

Sex underwear codes

Interesting underwear mid -code: Buying pairing size, comfortable is important

What is sexy underwear medium code

Middle code refers to the middle value of the size range of the fun underwear, such as M code, L code, etc.The size of the medium code varies depending on the brand and styles, but it is usually suitable for people at the medium level of height and weight.

How to measure your size correctly

The first step is to measure the bust first.Use tape measures to measure on the most plump parts of the chest. Pay attention not to be too loose and maintain level.

Mens Zebra Sexy G-String – 7272

The second step is to measure the bust.Use tape measures to surround the chest, keep the horizontal level but do not be too loose.

The third step is to measure the waist circumference.Use tape measures to surround the details. Be careful not to drink your belly or drink, and keep it in a natural state.

The fourth step is to measure the hips.Use the tape to around the hips, keep the level, but don’t be too loose.

Based on these measurement results, select the brand’s size table for selection.

Why the correct size is very important for wearing sexy underwear

The correct size can ensure that sexy underwear can perfectly fit the body, and play a beautiful effect on improving the body and shaping.The unsuitable size of wearing will not only greatly discount the beautiful effects of the sexy underwear, but also cause discomfort and affect health.

How to choose a sexy underwear medium code

First of all, choose brands with good brand reputation and reliable product quality.You can understand through the network, friend reputation, physical stores and other channels.

Second, choose a style that suits your style and meet your preferences.Different brands and different styles of detail processing and tailoring are different. You must choose according to your body characteristics and wear needs.


Finally, choose sexy underwear suitable for your size.According to your body characteristics and measurement results, choose the appropriate size combined with the brand’s size table.

Precautions for wearing a sexy underwear

First, pay attention to the material of sexy underwear.Some materials such as cotton and linen will shrink due to washing. It is recommended to read the cleaning instructions of the brand’s recommendation carefully.

Second, pay attention to the timing of sexy underwear.Some styles need to be worn in conjunction with specific occasions and atmospheres, and should not be displayed in public.

Third, pay attention to the matching of sexy underwear.You can choose the appropriate accessories and dressing methods according to your preferences and temperament.

Sex underwear brand recommendation

At present, many brands of sexy underwear are very good. Among them, the more popular brands include Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateur, La Perla, etc.Different brands have different styles and characteristics. When buying, choose the right brand according to your preferences and needs.

Suggestions for the selection of sexy underwear in the middle code

When choosing a sexy underwear, it is recommended to pay more attention to your body characteristics and wear needs. Based on the brand’s size table to select the appropriate number, you can wear a perfect effect.


Buying sexy underwear is like buying ordinary clothes. The correct size is the foundation of comfort and beauty.Choose the right brand, style and size to better show the charm of women.