Sex lingerie store display

Sex lingerie store display

Sex lingerie store display


The display of sexy underwear stores is very critical, and it directly affects consumers’ purchase decisions.A good display can attract consumers’ attention, make them more in -depth understanding of the product, and increase the sales rate.Below, I will introduce you to the display skills of sexy underwear stores.

getting Started

First of all, the display of the sex underwear store should show the main business and characteristics of the store.For example, emphasizing the characteristics of sexy, stimuli, comfort, etc., let consumers know the services and product positioning provided by the store, thereby attracting them to buy in the store.

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Suitable for seasonal recommendations

Secondly, in specific seasons, the store needs to choose different display forms according to the season.For example, in summer, shops can display some breathable and thin sexy underwear to attract women who want to try more sexy.In winter, you should try to recommend some warm and comfortable sexy underwear.

Size and style matching

When displaying sexy underwear, the store should pay attention to combining the size and style.For women with small size and not very prominent breasts, shops should display some very rich sexy underwear such as milk pads and lace elements to improve their self -confidence.For women with burly figures, shops can recommend some more loose and comfortable styles.


Different functions of sexy underwear should be distinguished.For example, sexy underwear can be divided into various styles, such as sexy lingerie, adult sex lingerie, European and American sexy underwear.Therefore, when displaying, each type of sexy underwear should be separated and placed in different areas to better meet the needs of consumers.

Equipment with shoes and socks

The sexy underwear itself is to stimulate the sexy sexy element in terms of accessories.The store can be paired with some elements such as high heels, lace stockings, to enhance the sexy of sexy underwear and attract consumers’ attention.

Placement of photos and samples


In addition to displaying the sexy underwear itself, the shop can also put some photos of sexy underwear and actual samples, so that consumers can clearly understand the styles and colors of these products, thereby promoting sales.

Clarify price and discount information

In the display of sexy underwear shops, prices and preferential information are also very important.The store should clearly marked the price of each sexy underwear and possible preferential information, so that consumers can make it more convenient to buy.

Lighting and color matching

The display of sexy underwear is not only the display of the product itself, but also the matching of light and color.The shop can combine soft lights and highly transparent LED lights to make sexy underwear show better results.In terms of color, you should choose some colors that can highlight the characteristics of sexy underwear, such as red, black, etc.

Exhibition of after -sales service

Finally, when the sex underwear shop is displayed, the store should also marked information such as after -sales service in order to facilitate consumers to have a better experience and guarantee after purchasing.


The display of sexy underwear stores is an important part of store sales and promotion, and the sex underwear market is a continuous development market. Through continuous display and promotion, it can create a good brand image and win more consumer trust and support.