Sex underwear classification and pictures

Sex underwear classification and pictures

Sex underwear classification and pictures

1. lace underwear

Lace underwear is one of the most common sexy underwear. It wraps a soft material for women’s body to make the body more tempting.The characteristics of lace underwear are soft, transparent and sexy, and are one of the most popular underwear types.

2. suspended underwear

Strait underwear is usually made of silk, lace, transparent fabrics, etc., which is characterized by bilateral suspenders to make women’s chest more sexy and charming.

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3. Uniform underwear

Uniform underwear is usually used to meet people’s needs for role -playing.Different uniforms such as police, students, nurse, and stewardess can become the source of design inspiration for sexy underwear.

4. Tulle shell

Type underwear is made of thin and transparent yarn, which is very sexy and charming after wearing it.It is characterized by transparency, sometimes equipped with border or lace decoration.

5. Open crotch underwear

Open crotch underwear has strong sexy characteristics, mainly to expose women’s private parts.This underwear has a variety of styles, including briefs and T -shaped pants.

6. Underwear set

Underwear suits usually include bras, panties, or ship socks that are convenient to match underwear.This set is usually mainly soft, lace, and transparent material, which makes the body exudes a stronger sexy atmosphere.

7. Stockings/net socks

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Stockings/net socks are an important part of sexy underwear. It can make women’s legs look more charming.Stockings/net socks are usually black, white or fleshy. Different lace design can bring different styles to women.

8. Sexy pajamas

Sexy pajamas are suitable for wearing in the bedroom, adding an ambiguous atmosphere to it.This kind of sexy underwear has a variety of styles. You can choose materials such as transparent, lace, silk and tulle to make women more attractive under the camera.

9. chest stickers/stealth bra

The chest sticker and invisible bra are ideal choice for some low -cut jackets or skirts.The chest paste is a light underwear that can be glued to the skin with glue, and the invisible bras are used to increase support by adhesive cup cover.

10. Mature women underwear

Mature women underwear are usually based on simple and elegant design styles, and they are pursuing the confidence, charm and charm of mature women.This kind of sexy underwear is characterized by better fabrics and lower -key colors.


Regardless of what type of sexy underwear, they are in common to make women’s bodies more sexy and charming, and at the same time meet people’s needs for role -playing and sex.Of course, the most important thing is the confident attitude and unique temperament of women with sexy underwear.