Sexy underwear split legs with novels

Sexy underwear split legs with novels

Sexy underwear split legs with novels

Legs with a sexy underwear are a sexy underwear style. Its design has two bands running through the entire underwear, tie the two legs tightly together, making women’s body lines more beautiful, and wearing more teasing’s take a look at a little story about split legs with sexy underwear.

Story start

Xiaomei is a young and beautiful girl. She often buys various erotic supplies in order to seek excitement.Today, she came to a sex shop and saw a particularly attractive leg with a lot of sexy underwear.She was attracted by its design and material, so she decided to buy it.

Put on underwear

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When Xiaomei returned home and put on her underwear, she felt unprecedented comfort and sexy.Her legs are tied together with two straps, and each step must be used hard to ensure walking steadily.At this time, she felt the softness of her body, and she also felt the sexy and confidence brought by wearing this sexy underwear.


Xiaomei couldn’t help sharing this happy moment with her friends, so she picked up a photo of her mobile phone and took a photo.She wears this leg with a sexy underwear and put on a variety of sexy postures, hoping to get some attention in the circle of friends.

Dating with boyfriend

The next day, Xiaomei and her boyfriend made an appointment to watch a movie.She put the legs on her body on her body and exposed the lace part, which looked more sexy and seductive.After seeing Xiaomei’s shape, her boyfriend was very stunning. When they walked on the street, Xiaomei was careful every step, fearing that she would fall or go the wrong way.


After entering the cinema, Xiaomei felt another feature of this sexy underwear -comfortable.Her muscles were very easy to exercise, feeling very relaxed, and at the same time, she could fit her figure well.She and her boyfriend leaned together on the sofa of the cinema, feeling the body temperature of the other person, and her heart was full of happiness.

dinner time

Next, they went to a restaurant. Xiaomei wore her legs with sexy underwear and felt the eyes of the people around.Although it was a bit tight, she also increased her confidence and charm.Her boyfriend has always appreciated her beauty, not much to say in a word, Xiaomei also feels very satisfied.


Go home time

After dinner, they returned to Xiaomei’s home.Xiaomei took off her clothes, and her boyfriend looked like she was wearing her legs with her legs with her legs. She was excited.He couldn’t restrain his inner desire, so he boldly expressed his love, and Xiaomei was very willing to respond.One night, they spent a very happy time.


Through this date with her boyfriend, Xiaomei found that she could not only bring sexy and self -confidence to herself with her legs, but also deepened the adjustment of the relationship between couples.In this experience, she realized that good erotic underwear must not only have a beautiful appearance, but also comfortable, but also makes people more attractive and confident.


Legs with a sexy underwear are sexy, comfortable and teasing underwear styles. If you want to try a new sexy experience, try this underwear.Putting on a split -leg with fun underwear, you can also feel Xiaomei’s self -confidence and charm from the inside out.