Show Loose Underwear B

Show Loose Underwear B

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Show Loose Underwear B


Interest underwear is a clothing designed for enhanced sexual stimulation. Its style and materials are often designed as transparent or on the edge of sexy.They are usually used to stimulate their sexual desire and another person.It is one of the sexy underwear in part B, and they can bring more irritating visual and emotional experience.However, for many people, how to choose the right choice and wearing a sex underwear is a big problem.In this article, we will discuss several aspects of Loan Loves B and how to choose and wear them.

The psychological preparation of exposure underwear and revealing B

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When wearing a sexy lingerie B, the most important thing is psychological preparation.This may take some time and practice.First of all, we must accurately understand your body and feelings, and do not take your shortcomings as failure.Secondly, you need to establish trust and communication with your partner, and don’t be afraid to express your needs and hope to them.Finally, pay attention to your own feelings and maintain the control and protection of sexual behavior.

The choice of dew linge Loin B style

When choosing to expose lingerie B style, you must choose according to your body shape, character and partner’s preference.Generally speaking, there are several styles to choose from:

Lace style: Lace style sexy underwear is the most common type. This sexy underwear is usually soft and suitable for intimate skin contact.

Net eye style: The sexy underwear of the mesh style is often made of thin gauze, but the perspective will be stronger, which is a very sexy and exciting choice.

Transparent style: The sexy underwear of transparent style is a practical choice because they are comfortable and suitable for many different occasions.

High -quality materials are the key

No matter what style you choose, in general, it is important to choose high -quality materials.This can not only make the sexy underwear comfortable and breathable, but also reduce the stimulation and damage to the skin.It is recommended to choose high -quality cotton, lace and other fabrics. These fabrics are soft, comfortable, and have good expansion.

Size measurement is very important

Thigh High

The correct size measurement is also very important, because the appropriateness of sexy underwear depends to a large extent on whether the size is appropriate.For revealing affectionate lingerie B, pay special attention to the size of the bust and hips.The correct size measurement can ensure comfort and confidence, and at the same time, it can also avoid unnecessary clothes adjustment.

Selecting and wearing needs to be carefully considered after careful consideration

In addition to choosing the correct style and size, it is also very important to choose to wear.Different erotic underwear requires different wear.For Luya Lepo B, with some decorations such as short skirts, shorts, or skirts, it can form a good visual effect.

F upper underwear with chest pads

For some full -bodied women, it is also a good choice to choose sexy underwear with chest pads.This kind of sexy underwear can help to correct the back curve and shape better chest lines, and at the same time, it can expose the B part more prominently to enhance sexy and stimuli.

The slim version can be perfectly displayed

When choosing the most popular styles this season, choosing a compressed and slim -fitting sexy underwear can perfectly show the body and curve of women, giving people more exciting and colorful visual enjoyment.In addition, the slim version of the sexy underwear in part B can make this part more prominent and sexy.

With high -quality underwear

For women, with a pair of high -quality underwear is also important.Choosing comfortable, wear -resistant, and easy to clean panties can enhance comfort and protect personal hygiene.It is recommended to choose a comfortable and ultra -thin cotton underwear and require it to be breathable, and you can feel dry even in intense exercise.

Routine cleaning, keeping clean and hygienic

For women who use sexy underwear, pay attention to keeping clean and hygienic, and replace underwear and sexy underwear regularly.The sexy underwear should only be washed by hand. Washing with a washing machine may cause damage to lace and other details.Wash with mild soap and water. Do not use a dryer when drying, so as not to deform or damage the underwear and lace.


Loan underwear B has become a symbol of many women’s confidence and sexy.But choosing and wearing them need to be cautious and pay attention.The correct style, size, dressing and cleaning are the key to the most beautiful day in life to show the most beautiful day in life.