Swim in sexy underwear

Swim in sexy underwear

Wearing a suitable swimsuit to swim is one of the people’s favorite water activities, but do you try to swim in sexy lingerie?Let ’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of wearing sexy lingerie to swimming and the matters that need to be paid attention to.

1. Understand your sexy underwear

If you decide to swim in sexy underwear, you need to understand your sexy underwear materials and check whether it is suitable for water activities.For example, the materials such as metal decoration, inlaids on some sexy underwear will be corroded or lost, and will be oxidized and corroded by chemicals in the seawater or swimming pool. Therefore, it is best not to choose a sexy underwear binding with metal decoration.

2. Choose sexy underwear suitable for water activities

When choosing a sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a style suitable for water activities.For example, a low -back, fixed shoulder strap or strap sexy underwear is the best choice.This style can ensure that sexy underwear is close to the body, not slipping or sinking, and will not hurt yourself or others during the swimming process.

3. Pay attention to sexy underwear transparency

When you choose to swim in sexy underwear, the side of the problem you need to consider is transparency.Many erotic underwear are made of thin materials, and it is easy to become transparent when sneaking into the water.Therefore, you need to choose sexy underwear with lower transparency to avoid the embarrassing situation.

4. Keep cleaning

If you want to swim in sexy underwear, you need to keep the sexy underwear clean.The swimming pool or seawater can make the sexy underwear dirty, so it is recommended to clean the underwear in time after swimming.

5. Pay attention to sun protection

When swimming, it is a dangerous thing to ignore the sun protection measures due to contact with water.Wearing a sexy underwear may need to be exposed to frequent sun protection due to contact with water.Therefore, it is recommended that you also apply SPF sunscreen while swimming in sexy underwear to occur for sunburn.

6. Select appropriate occasions

In some occasions, such as beach parties and pond gatherings, sexy underwear is undoubtedly different equipment.However, on other occasions, such as swimming competitions and public swimming pools, wearing sexy underwear may not be appropriate.When choosing an occasion, you need to consider whether you are suitable for swimming in sexy underwear.

7. Pay attention to practicality

When choosing a sexy underwear, please pay attention to its practicality.Although you are more sexy and charm when you buy sexy underwear, after all, it involves water activities. Therefore, you should not be too kitsch. You also need to take comfort as the first choice so that you can truly enjoy the fun of swimming.

8. Don’t make sexy be a burden

Wearing sexy underwear is not limited to showing figures and sexy, but related to your safety and comfort.Swimming in uncomfortable sexy underwear may make you feel disturbed, so don’t make sexy burdens, and physical safety is more important.

in conclusion

Swimming in erotic underwear is an interesting experience.However, before selecting sexy underwear and occasions, take time to confirm the material, style and practicality.While enjoying the fun of swimming, be sure to ensure your safety and comfort.

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