Taobao sex underwear involved in yellow

Introduction: The earnest expectations of sexy underwear merchants

In China, traditionally, sexy underwear is not a topic of public discussion, but under the promotion of the Internet era, sexy underwear has gradually entered people’s attention and became a field of attention.Therefore, many sexy underwear shops began to operate on Taobao, but soon found that Taobao’s sexy underwear involved in yellow, and more and more merchants complained, hoping to find solutions.

What is Taobao sex underwear involved in yellow

The so -called Taobao sex underwear involves yellow, which refers to the erotic plot that sells sexy underwear products sold on Taobao.These pornographic plots are mainly reflected in the product display pictures, including sexy, exposure, high -definition, large scale, etc., and these plots are usually too eye -catching and unbearable for minors.

Questions brought about by Taobao sex underwear involved in yellow

On the one hand, Taobao sex lingerie is involved in yellow, on the one hand, it will arouse the anger and disgust of the public. On the other hand, people who buy such products are also facing morality and legal constraints.In addition, sexy underwear is a choice of many women. It can make women feel more sexy and confident, and the problem of yellowing underwear in Taobao’s sexy underwear will also affect the sales and development of normal erotic underwear.

The reason behind Taobao sex underwear involved in yellow

There are many reasons that cause Taobao sexy underwear to involve yellowing, mainly in the following aspects:

Brand merchants and authorized merchants lack effective supervision, which has led merchants to release unhealthy products at will.

In order to pursue profits, some merchants deliberately published sexy, explicit slogans and pictures, which caused doubts.

The lagging supervision of Taobao platform has led some businesses to escape punishment.

How to solve Taobao’s sexy underwear involved in yellow

In response to Taobao’s sexy underwear involved in yellow, we can take the following measures:

Strengthen industry supervision and formulate stricter rules and standards.

The Taobao platform strengthens internal supervision, increases punishment, and punishs the merchants who are involved in the yellow involved in the yellow.

Merchants need to confirm whether they meet the regulations before publishing sexy underwear information. At the same time, they advocate brand merchants and authorized merchants to participate in management and conduct effective supervision.

The influence of Taobao sex underwear involved in yellow

Taobao sex underwear involved in the entire sexy underwear industry has a large negative impact:

It affects the reputation and image of the sexy underwear industry, and seriously damages the sales and development of normal erotic underwear.

The civilized consciousness and legal concept of the vast number of netizens violated the healthy growth of minors.

The existence of Taobao sexy underwear involved in yellow will also affect the economic benefits of sex underwear stores to a certain extent and reduce its operating efficiency and image.

The road of sexy underwear self -reform

The sexy underwear industry should self -reflect. While regulating market operations and product quality, it should enhance the awareness of civilization, build a good industry and brand image, promote healthy development, green environmental protection, and recognition and respect for laws and regulations.

Future sex underwear development trend

In the future, the sex underwear industry should strengthen the self -restraint and integration of the industry, and reasonably standardize market rules and market order. At the same time, promote various healthy sexy underwear, and fully respect the overall and moral concepts of society while meeting consumer demand.

Conclusion: Taobao sex lingerie needs to be governed by Huang Shi

In short, Taobao sex underwear involved in yellow needs to attract great attention.As an emerging industry, sexy underwear should be in the direction of healthy, legal and responsible for society. At the same time, each of our consumers and businesses need to work together.

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