Taobao sex underwear shop is model

1. The background of the phenomenon of Taobao sex underwear shops

The phenomenon of Taobao sex underwear shops has not recently appeared, and it can be traced back to a few years ago.At that time, the sales and demand of sexy underwear on Taobao began to increase gradually. In order to attract more buyers, the shops began to place beauty pictures on the product page. Among them, many stores demonstrated their own sexy underwear in their own shops.Can increase the possibility of buyers’ purchase.

2. The advantages of the store model map

The store demonstrates the following advantages of model maps wearing sexy underwear: First of all, it can help buyers better understand the styles and effects of underwear, thereby improving the satisfaction of the purchase. Second, the figure and skin color of the model are more in line with market demand.It can optimize the promotional effect of the product; in the end, it can increase the interaction and trust between buyers and stores, and increase the possibility of repurchase.

3. The disadvantage of the shop model map

The store demonstrates that there are some shortcomings wearing a sexy underwear, which mainly include the following two aspects: First of all, the model map may exaggerate the effect of underwear, such as increasing breasts and reducing waist circumference, which may be misleading buyers; second,, second,, second,, second,, second,, second,, second,, second,, second,, second,, second,, second,, second,, will be misleading.If the quality of the store or model map is not closed, it may affect the buyer’s desire to buy.

4. How to choose a store model map

In order to avoid the negative impact of the model map of the shop wearing sexy underwear, buyers need to pay attention to the following points: First, choose the model’s product of the regular brand and the model map released by the high -quality store.Sex; second, buyers need to choose according to their bodies and styles, and do not blindly buy them blindly by the models in the figure. Finally, they can better understand the product through communicating with the store or viewing the evaluation of other buyers.

5. Shop model map shooting skills

The store demonstrates the model map of the sexy underwear to pay attention to the following shooting skills: First, choose a model suitable for underwear style and skin color.The clarity and color restoration; in the end, you need to consider the combination of the background and clothes, the environment is clean and neat, and there are no debris and other interference in the image.

6. The post -processing of the store model map

After the shooting, the store needs to perform later processing of the model diagram to ensure the quality and business effect of the picture.It mainly includes the following aspects: First, to modify the picture, including trimming, brightness adjustment, color saturation adjustment, etc., making the picture more beautiful; second, watermark or store information is requiredEquipment; Finally, you need to publish pictures in various ways, including store homepages, product details pages, social networks, etc. to promote business publicity and sales.

7. Make good use of store model maps to improve sales of sales

The store demonstrates the model map wearing sexy underwear can bring unexpected sales to the merchant. The following are some suggestions: First of all, you need to add a purchase link to the picture to allow buyersPopular elements are combined, such as festival themes, celebrities, the same model, trend style, etc., to increase the exposure and sales volume of merchants; in the end, it can attract more buyers and models by holding model selection activities and user display activities.Merchant propaganda products.

8. The future trend of the model map

With the continuous development of e -commerce and sexy underwear markets, the model maps of demonstration wearing sexy underwear will be more and more valued and applied. The following are some trends: First of all, the form of model maps will become more and more diverse, including videos, animation, animationWhen multimedia is presented to improve the interaction and experience of products; secondly, the model map will more reflect personalization and creativity to meet the needs and aesthetics of different buyers; finally, as AR and VR technologies such as AR and VR are technologies such as AR and VRWith the development of sexy underwear, the trial experience of sexy underwear will be more real and high -quality, and the model map effect will continue to be upgraded.

Viewpoint: Store demonstrations wearing sexy underwear can indeed improve the sales volume of the product and the buyer’s purchase experience, but you need to pay attention to authenticity and quality issues.Merchants should make good use of model maps, combine a variety of marketing methods, improve exposure and sales, and continuously update technology and design, innovate the form and experience of model maps, and bring a better shopping experience and brand impression to buyers.

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