The president asked her to make her sexy shell

President’s requirement

When Xiaomei was told that the new president asked her to put on a sexy underwear, she felt very embarrassing and confused.As an office staff, Xiaomei originally thought that she only needed to wear professional clothes, but now she has to wear sexy underwear.

Sexy or teasing?

Xiaomei started searching for sexy underwear on the Internet. She found that there are different styles of sexy underwear such as sexy, teasing, adults, and European and American types, but she is not sure which style meets the president’s requirements.

Understand your body proportion

People of different shapes are suitable for different styles of sexy underwear. Xiaomei found this problem.Before buying a sexy underwear, she should understand her body proportion and choose a style that suits her.

Selection of color

The color of sexy underwear is very important, and different colors will convey different information.Xiaomei should consider what color to choose to show her own personality and characteristics.

Size problem

When buying sexy underwear, the correct size is very important.If the size you choose is not suitable for your body, the sexy underwear will cause discomfort to the body, which will miss the benefits of wearing sex underwear.

How to match?

When Xiaomei bought a sexy underwear that suits her, she began to consider how to match it.She needs to consider the matching with professional clothes, as well as the matching method that meets the requirements of the president.

Piercing essential

Although sexy underwear is sexy, the correct way of wear is also important.Incorrect wear method will affect the wearing experience, and it may affect the entire professional image.

Pay attention to safety issues

If the sexy underwear is not worn properly, it will cause some security issues.Xiaomei should pay attention to these issues, and do not let the safety issue affect her career.

Enhance self-confidence

Putting the sexy underwear correctly can make the wearer more confident, which helps her better show her charm and talent.


Practicing sexy underwear correctly can increase self -confidence and charm and make your career more successful.For Xiaomei, with the understanding and purchase of sexy underwear, she has been ready to meet the president.

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