The English name of sexy underwear


Interest underwear is becoming more and more popular in the market.When we buy or discuss sexy underwear, we often use English names, but do you know what English names are in English underwear?This article will take you to explore the English name of the world of sexy underwear.


Babydoll is a sexy underwear composed of the top top and the short skirt below.Its English name is babydoll.Babydoll highlights the slender waist of women and shows full double peaks.


Bustier is a sexy underwear that integrates waist and bra.Its English name is Bustier.BUSTIER has the effect of ticolic breasts and shaping curves.


Corset is a kind of sexy underwear that improves the breast.Its English name is Corset.Corset is often used to shape the strong waist lines and highlight the sexy curve of women.


Teddy is an integrated sexy underwear composed of the top and lower parts.Its English name is Teddy.Teddy shows women’s chest and waist lines, making women more sexy.


Chemise is a very thin sexy underwear, which is made of soft satin or lace fabric.Its English name is chemise.The style and length of Chemise can meet the different needs of each woman.

Garter Belt

Garter Belt is a sexy underwear tied to the waist, which is used to tire with socks.Its English name is Garter Belt.Garter Belt makes women feel more mature and sexy, and it is also part of many sexy underwear suits.


BodyStocking is a sexy underwear similar to tights, which is made of thin and soft fabrics.Its English name is BodyStocking.BodyStocking creates the effect of closing the body and shows the sexy lines of women.

Crotchless panties

Crotchless Panties is a sexy underwear without crotch.Its English name is Crotchless Panties.Crotchless Panties is very tempting and can inspire the passion between couples.


Thong is a panties with only one T -shaped back.Its English name is Thong.This underwear is easy to wear and remove, and it can also highlight the hip curve of women.


There are many English names of sexy underwear, and each sexy underwear has its unique beauty.No matter what interesting underwear, you can bring it more confident and sexy to women through it.It is also necessary to understand its English name when choosing a sexy underwear.The most important thing is to choose a sexy underwear that suits you and feel comfortable and confident.

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