The sexy underwear on Taobao is too conservative

The types of sexy underwear on Taobao are more conservative

Searching for sexy underwear on Taobao, most of the results will be some lace, lace bra and panties. These styles are relatively conservative and cannot meet more discerning customer needs.

More sexy, exciting sexy lingerie styles

Compared with traditional sexy underwear, more sexy and exciting styles have gradually increased in market demand.For example, lace stockings, leather costumes, chain decoration, hollow design, etc. are more bold and avant -garde design.

European and American sexy underwear is more open and avant -garde

Compared with the domestic sexy underwear market, sexy underwear in the European and American markets is more open and avant -garde.For example, high -necked design, hollow design, conjoined design, sexy sexy socks, etc. are more exciting and more sexy.

Brand sex lingerie provides better choices for more discerning consumers

On Taobao, brand sex lingerie provides better choices for more discerning consumers.For example, brands such as Lushuo underwear, Aiwen underwear, GLAMOUR underwear, EROGANCE and other brands pay more attention to design and quality.

Customized erotic underwear meets the different needs of customers

For the particularly discerning customers, there are also some limited -limited sexy underwear products on Taobao.Based on the needs of customers, these products are paired with different weaving materials, patterns and styles.

Recommend a few more sexy and exciting sexy lingerie styles

If you are looking for a more sexy and exciting sexy lingerie style, you can consider the following designs:

1. Leather costume: It is made of high -quality leather, which has a very good texture and feel;

2. Lei Rosewood: Use lace lace modification, hollow design to shape the ultimate sexy lines;

3. Conjusational sexy underwear: make your body a perfect natural curve, extremely sexy;

4. High -Interest underwear: While revealing the beautiful curve of women’s neck, it also enhances a sexy atmosphere.

Summary: There is still a lot of room for development on Taobao’s sexy underwear

In general, the sexy underwear market on Taobao is relatively conservative, and there are fewer types of overall styles, especially for more open and stimulating design requirements, and the supply is insufficient.However, the emergence of brand erotic lingerie and custom -made sexy underwear and the reference in the European and American markets can give consumers more choices, and also open up a broader development space for the entire market.

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