The name of the online shop selling for sexy underwear

The name of the online shop selling for sexy underwear

As a special costume, sexy underwear has a lot of changes in its styles, and its market is also very wide.Many people choose to buy sexy underwear online.As a result, sexy underwear online shops came into being.If you want to open a online shop selling sexy underwear, you need some good online store names.The following article will provide you with some suggestions.

1. The name of the main brand

If your online store is a product that represents some sexy underwear brands, then you can consider using the name of the brand as the name of the online store, such as "Calvin Klein sexy underwear shop".In this way, the name of the online store can effectively guide consumers and increase brand awareness.

2. Simple and clear name

Many times, a simple and clear name can be easier to remember.If you want to provide sexy underwear products of various brands, you can consider a simple name, such as "Info Underwear Mall".This can increase consumers’ impression of your online store and promote sales.

3. Sexy and seductive name

Of course, sexy underwear itself is a kind of sexy clothing, so your online store name can also be reflected.You can choose to summarize your online store in sexy language. The names such as "hip -hip country" and "beautiful back paradise" are all good choices.

4. Keywords containing specific consumer needs in the name

You can choose a name to contain specific keywords required for specific consumers.For example, you can choose a name, "Devil’s figure and sexy underwear", which will attract those women who want to shape the devil’s figure to buy products in your online shop.

5. Highlight the name of the characteristics of the online store

You can consider choosing the names that highlight your online shop.For example, your online store has vest -style sexy underwear, so you can consider choosing the name "Vests Fun Lingerie Shop" so that consumers will know that your online shop sells this specific sexy lingerie style as soon as he sees the name.

6. Flexible name

Some sexy underwear online stores are named according to different sales seasons.For example, "Summer Special Selling Sex Lords" and "Christmas Sex Underwear", this seasonal online store name will make consumers feel fresh.

7. Interesting and unique name

Some interesting and unique names often attract consumers.For example, "zero distance sex lingerie" and "cat sex underwear", these names are relatively unique, making your online store unique.

8. Chinese characters and pinyin names appear at the same time

The name of Chinese characters and pinyin can be used in the name of the online store to be more friendly in cultural exchanges.For example, "Mengyuan Instead Mandy" combines English and Chinese names, which is more in line with the current trend of Chinese cultural exchanges.

9. Crystal stone name

It is also a good way to name the online store with crystal stones.You can choose the crystal stones representing your own life, and choose the neutralized words, such as "Crystal Po Baisai Instead".

10. The name of gradually changing

Some sexy underwear online stores may change with development, and their names need to be changed.At this time, you can choose to change gradually, such as "sexy underwear -allure", and use "sexy underwear" as the first part. Add the new online store name later, so that customers can gradually become familiar with the new name.


Choosing a good name is important for the development of a sexy underwear online store.According to your own business strategy and characteristics, choosing a suitable name will help the rapid development of the business.

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