Thick -fun underwear

Thick’s sexy underwear still has market demand, especially in the cold winter.Below I will introduce you to some thick -sex lingerie types and how to choose the appropriate thick and sexy underwear.

1. Houcai Wenting Underwear

Thick sexy underwear is generally used with thick materials, such as thick yarn, wool and other materials.This sexy lingerie is comfortable to wear, it can keep warm in the cold season, and it also has a cute design.

2. Cotton -clipped sexy underwear

Cotton sexy underwear is a sexy underwear filled with cotton in the interior. They can provide warmth and comfort, such as like long -sleeved cotton pajamas.When choosing this type of underwear, you need to pay attention to the quality of their cotton filling materials, which will not affect the comfort and appearance when wearing.

3. Her warm underwear suit

The warm underwear suits generally include long -sleeved tops and long pants. The materials used are often velvet or cotton. This underwear suit can keep the body warm and has a sexy and stylish appearance.

4. down sexy underwear

The down sexy underwear is filled with down, which is extremely warm and suitable for use in extremely cold weather.However, it should be noted that this underwear is often thicker and needs to choose the appropriate size to be comfortable.

5. Socks and thick pantyhose

Long socks and thick pantyhose are an important part of the combination of sexy underwear.Like warm wool long -wrapped socks, ultra -long stockings, thick wave socks, etc., it is suitable for use in warm underwear in winter.

6. Shape design

When choosing a thick and fun underwear, the design is also very important.Some styles are relatively tight, and some are more loose wide version.

7. The warmth of the material

Different materials have different interest underwear and different warmth.For example, the materials such as wool and thick wool can often provide better warmth effects, while the materials such as silk, cotton, etc. are relatively thin, suitable for autumn and deep autumn seasons.

8. Color selection

When choosing a thick and interesting underwear, color choices are also very important.Dark underwear is generally more elegant in the cold season than light -colored underwear.

9. Pay attention to comfort

When choosing a sexy underwear, in addition to considering the warmth, naturally you also need to pay attention to its comfort, because the temperature may change in the day, and the number of pieces you wear may be appropriately reduced or the number of pieces you wear appropriately.

10. Summary

When choosing thick and fun underwear, you need to choose different materials, shape design, and color and comfort according to your own needs.These details can effectively improve your dress experience.

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