The restraint of wearing erotic underwear

What is the bondage of sexy underwear?

Wearing erotic underwear is a choice for many women in interesting life.Sex underwear makes women feel more sexy and confident, but some people think that sexy underwear will bind themselves.What exactly is the sexy underwear bound?


The pursuit of sexy underwear is high -quality fit, and the body shape of women is relatively high.Therefore, some women must overcome the shortcomings of their bodies when wearing sexy underwear, such as too wide hips or too small breasts.This can be regarded as the restraint of sexy underwear.

Emotional restraint

Wearing a sexy underwear may cause anxiety many people.Because sexy underwear can make people feel more naked and exposed, when wearing sexy underwear, it will produce a feeling of exposing and being seen.These emotions may make people feel very nervous and even have a negative impact on a fun life.

Time of time

It takes time to wear sex underwear, and it takes time to wear.For some women with busy work and family life, this is also a constraint of sexy underwear.

Social restraint

Wearing sexy underwear, unique dressing will inevitably be paid attention to.Some people are worried about the attention of others, and they are worried about being a person who is derived from morality or no education.Therefore, the pressure and restraint of society are also a disadvantage of sexy underwear.

Financial constraint

In order to maintain the quality of sexy underwear, in order to maintain its quality, wearing sexy underwear needs to be continuously updated.Therefore, some consumers may find that they spend too much money in such pleasure, which is also a constraint of sexy underwear.

Partner expectation

The first expectation of most people is to attract their partners.Therefore, many people are prone to abandon their needs in order to meet the needs of partners when wearing fun underwear.

Body Health Restraint

Improper wearing sexy underwear may cause a certain degree of restrictions and discomfort to the body.Especially for uncomfortable sexy underwear, it will affect physiological functions such as breathing and blood flow when wearing.Therefore, sexy underwear also has a constraint on health.

Gender myth’s restraint

Sexy underwear is usually regarded as a role -playing in women’s clothing types. This myth limits people’s understanding of sexy underwear, so that more people think that only women need to wear sexy underwear, while men do not have this.need.

Balance of sexy underwear and life

Wearing sex underwear will restrain all aspects of life, but we can take some methods to balance.First, choose a style suitable for your body to reduce the discomfort of wearing.At the same time, you can choose to buy sexy underwear with your partner to avoid excessive waste of money and time.Secondly, you should clarify your needs and feelings. While catering to the expectations of your partner, you must also take care of your feelings.

in conclusion

Wearing a sexy underwear itself is not a bad thing, but excessive pursuit of sexy underwear may have a negative impact on our lives, body and emotions.We should use sexy underwear to enhance self -confidence, and do not give up our needs to cater to the expectations of others.It is believed that under the correct attitude, sexy underwear can be a way to increase a fun life.

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