The sexy underwear at home is sunny

The sexy underwear at home is sunny

Interest underwear is an e -commerce product that can increase the interest of couples and enrich the lives of the two.As a sexy underwear expert, I not only know how to choose a suitable sex underwear, but I can also share with you the experience of making fun underwear in our house.

How to classify

Our erotic lingerie is divided into three categories: sexy pure pornographic underwear, uniforms to seduce sexy underwear, role -playing sexy underwear.Different styles of sexy underwear are suitable for different opportunities, such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Tanabata and other special days, or want to try a special sex experience.

Sexy Pure Porn Spoow

This type of sexy underwear is the most common. Because it is mostly pure in color, it is no different from going out and is suitable for daily life.Whether it is short and exquisite sexy underwear or bright underwear suits, it can be the first choice for daily sex underwear.

Uniform seductive sexy underwear

Do you want to add some special taste in sex?Then this type of sexy underwear is right.For example, student girls, stewardess, nurses, little loli, etc., with a variety of shapes and characteristics. As long as you are willing to spend some thoughts, you will definitely find a uniform suitable for you to seduce sexy underwear.

Role playing sexy sheet

It is very similar to uniforms to seduce sexy underwear, but the role of role -playing sex underwear is higher.Because you need to incorporate yourself into a certain role in the role, buying the right sexy underwear can make it easier for you to integrate into the character.

How to maintain

If you want to use sexy underwear for a longer time, then you need to be carefully maintained.Sexy and pure erotic underwear can be washed like clothes in peacetime, but should be taken to avoid cleaning items; uniforms seduce sexy underwear should be washed separately from the same kind of sexy underwear, and should be treated softly and intimately.It will increase its durability.

How to choose a size

Like other clothes, you can choose the suitable size to wear comfortably.But because of the diversity of sexy underwear, it is difficult to choose the right size at once.If you have any doubts when buying, you can contact customer service to consult and provide your physical data in order to get more accurate suggestions.

Common sexy underwear materials

Common erotic underwear materials include silk, lace, lace, artificial silk, nylon, spandex, etc.The feel, comfort and plasticity of each material are different, so you need to choose according to personal hobbies and experience when buying.

Recommendation of sexy underwear manufacturers

The fun underwear manufacturers of different brands are very different. Please choose a big brand or a good reputation merchant.The otaku and otaku who is good at choosing the favorite product may directly select the official website of the erotic underwear manufacturer or shopping platforms such as JD, and choose their favorite brand.

How to match

The matching of erotic underwear is also very important, making your sex lingerie wear more beauty.For example, in sexy pure pornographic underwear, high -waisted shorts are usually equipped with lace coats, while tight pants are paired with physical lingerie.It feels like your favorite style is not suitable for you, so try other ways to wear.

How to wash

Interest underwear needs to be washed separately from other different types of sexy underwear.The highest use of warm water should be kept between 30-40 degrees, do not use the washing machine casually.Choosing a soft detergent, such as soap and soap dew, can damage the fabric of sexy underwear and affect the service life.


Life is full of sports and pornography, and sexy underwear, as a sexual lifestyle between husband and wife, is an inevitable choice to enhance the fun of life.In order to better use this opportunity, it is recommended that you pay more attention to details, materials, sizes and occasions such as the occasion of sexy underwear. You should also learn how to support sex underwear and let them accompany us for a long time.

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