The worst milk lingerie


Interest underwear is a popular fashion symbol in recent years. It has the characteristics of beauty, sexy, and personality, and has become an indispensable part of modern female wardrobe.However, in many styles, there may be some improper design sexy underwear, which will leave a hygienic and unhealthy impression.This article will introduce the hajor milk and sexy underwear, reminding you that you must pay special attention to these problems when choosing sexy underwear.


The hasty milk and sexy underwear refers to the unreasonable design. The braad part of the human breast has a large contact area, and even some directly covers the entire nipple part, which has a certain impact on the heat dissipation and sweating of the breast. Wearing it for a long time will not only cause breast drooping breast sagging., It also easily causes breast hyperplasia such as breast hyperplasia.

Not applicable to some people

The worst dairy underwear is not suitable for some people, such as young women with lack of breast development, maternal mothers with sensitive breasts, as well as patients with breast hyperplasia, mastitis and other patients with breast diseases.For these people, the worst and dairy underwear may aggravate the condition or cause damage to the breast.

Not suitable for health protection

Health is one of the important factors that should be considered in the design of sexy underwear, but the most hajor milk and erotic underwear design ideas are biased, integrating unhygienic design.For example, cartoon -shaped bras and underwear, flower bullish patterns and accessories can affect the hygiene of underwear, and the sanitary standards of the most dairy and sexy underwear are very low, which is not conducive to health protection.

Not suitable for daily wear

The worst milk and interest underwear focuses on sexy and visual effects. Most of the materials used are teasing mesh, fiber, etc., which is very unsuitable for daily wear, especially in high temperature weather, which will cause serious impact on heat dissipation and perspiration.It is easy to produce skin rashes and large pieces of sweat spots.

material selection

Most of the ingredients selected in the most dairy underwear are teasing mesh eyes, fibers, and some unqualified chemical fibers. After wearing these materials for a long time, it is easy to cause irritation to women’s bodies.And other issues.

Exposure of potential health risks

Although the most dairy and sexy underwear design cater to modern people’s needs for sexy, its design itself has certain risks. The exposed part of women’s breasts not only easily leads to breast infection, but also increases certain sexual assault and sexual harassment.risks of.

The price is expected not to be too high

The worst quality of the poor quality and sexy underwear are not high in price, but it may also be lower than ordinary sexy underwear, but please pay attention to quality when buying. Do not buy products with poor quality because of low prices, especially if you need to quality, especially needed, especially needed, you need to needWhen wearing more than 9 hours, please select sexy underwear with well -known brands.

Reduce reference value

There are some sanitary and health risks in the design of the greater dairy underwear, and their design ideas are biased. Some security and health problems are ignored or have not been reasonably resolved.Therefore, if there is a need for buying the hajor milk and interesting underwear, it is recommended to use other more suitable models as the main reference object.

in conclusion

When buying sexy underwear, it should be based on health, comfort, and sexy as the main measurement standards. It should not blindly pursue the shocking effect of the greater milk and sexy underwear.At the same time, when choosing, you should pay attention to its quality and hygiene issues, pay attention to cost -effectiveness, and whether it meets its own size and figure characteristics.

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