Thousands of Jiao Baiji Episode 11 Interest Underwear Show

Thousands of Jiao Baiji Episode 11 Interest Underwear Show

The first episode: sexy lace style

Lace erotic lingerie has always been a favorite of sexyists. This season’s sex underwear show, we can see a variety of lace styles.There are complicated and exquisite lace lace, as well as simple and pure mesh lace, which all show women’s gracefulness.

Episode 2: The mystery of hollow design

For women who are more deeply pursuing sexy, the sexy underwear of hollow design is very suitable.These underwear have a certain sense of mystery, charming and tempting.The practicality of the hollow design is also very strong, so that you are comfortable and show your charming posture.

Episode 3: Silk Feelings of Silk

Silk is born with elegance, noble and soft representatives, and the beautiful silk in the sexy underwear is the ultimate care of the female body.Put on a smooth silk underwear and feel its soft touch on the body, so that you can follow your inner desire and try to show a soft posture.

Episode 4: The Oriental Treation of the Flower Floating

Flowers and patterns in Oriental culture have always been traditional art elements.In recent years, oriental underwear has become more and more popular with women.The petals, bows, cherry blossoms, caviar ronditions, etc. on the underwear all show the elegance and softness of oriental underwear.

Episode 5: The noble luxury embellishment of rhinestones

Diamonds are the finishing touch of sexy underwear, and it can make underwear noble and luxurious instantly.On the sexy underwear show this season, almost every underwear has a rhinestone and the light is shining.If you want to experience your inner jump, you can wear rhinestone underwear in a specific occasion or a specific person.

Episode 6: Charming and cute fusion

Nowadays, it is not just a sexy style, but the charming and cute integration character is also popular with women.Designs such as bow, lace lace, solid color, and mixing and other designs on sexy underwear are not only simple element fusion, but also a right design fusion.

Episode 7: The coolness of leather

For women who are sexually harassed, the sexy of leather is unparalleled.Therefore, leather erotic underwear has also become the first choice for women.It has both sexy coolness and soft touch, which not only allows you to show the exquisite figure, but also satisfy your sexy pursuit.

Episode 8: Comfortable, Healthy and Focusing Follow

Comfort and health are the pursuit of every woman, and sexy underwear is no exception.We can see that sexy underwear this season plays a role in paying attention to women’s health and comfort.It is important to choose a sexy underwear that meets your needs, because inappropriate sexy underwear will have discomfort and negative effects.

Episode 9: Create a little sexy through the sense of perspective

Want to improve a little sexy, and the sense of perspective is a very good choice.The perspective on the underwear can faintly show the real color of your skin, so the control of light is very critical.Choosing a soft and sexual sexy underwear can show your temptation.

Episode 10: Colorful Emotional Experience

The color of sexy underwear has always been closely related to the color.From the richness of color, we can think of the creation of artistic conception and atmosphere.The bright and bold colors can bring happiness and vitality, and the soft and glutinous and elegant colors can also make people comfortable and relaxed.


In this season’s sexy underwear show, we can see a variety of design and styles, not only the pursuit of underwear style, but also the pursuit of sexy and experience.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose suitable for you and your body to make the sexy underwear play the greatest effect.

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