Tomorrow Flower Qiluo Bathroom Sex Underwear

Tomorrow Flower Qi Luo: Japanese Fun Queen

Tomorrow Hua Luo is a famous Japanese queen, known for his sexy appearance and bold style.Not only did she have made a lot of erotic movies, she also launched her own sexy underwear brand.Among them, the fun underwear of Huaqiluo bathroom is particularly popular. Let’s find out below.

What is Tomorrow Huaqiluo Bathroom Sexy underwear?

Tomorrow Huaqiluo Bathroom Sexy underwear is a underwear suitable for playing in the bathroom. It is made of special materials and has the characteristics of water -soluble.Touching makes your skin feel more pleasure.

How to use bathroom sex underwear

When using Tomorrow Huaqiluo bathroom sexy underwear, you can first add sufficient water to the bathtub or bathroom, then put on underwear, soak in water for a while.The fragrance is released under the characteristics of quickly dissolving in the water, making people feel very comfortable and sexy.Before use, you need to remove the healing and disinfect with detergent.

Tomorrow Flower Qiluo Bathroom Sex Lingerie Style

Tomorrow Hua Luo Bathroom sexy underwear is rich in styles. There are various ladies underwear styles, such as swimsuits, suspenders, flared pants, etc. Different sizes are suitable for different figures, and different styles are suitable for different occasions.And each style has a variety of colors and styles, adding different fun to your fun.

Tomorrow Flower Qiluo Bathroom Sex Lingerie Material

Tomorrow Hua Luo’s bathroom sexy underwear material is a polymer material that has no effect on the human body. It has excellent elasticity and softness, so that you can get more comfortable enjoyment when using.

Cleaning method of bathroom sex underwear

After using Tomorrow Huaqiluo bathroom sexy underwear, it needs to be cleaned in time.Like ordinary underwear, cleaning methods can be cleaned with soap or professional cleaner.Try not to use laundry powder or bleaching agent to clean, do not twist or dry hard to avoid damage.

Tomorrow Huaqiluo Bathroom Sex of sex underwear and his sexy underwear

Compared with his interesting underwear, there are several differences in the sexy underwear of Tomorrow Huaqiluo Bathroom:

Made of special materials, the fragrance can be released after dissolving into the water

It has water -soluble and is more comfortable during use

Suitable for use in the bathroom to increase the fun of playing fun

What should I pay attention to using Tomorrow Huaqiluo Bathroom sex underwear?

Although Tomorrow Huaqiluo Bathroom’s sexy underwear material is very safe, but you also need to pay attention to the following points when using:

Before use, you need to remove the healing and disinfect it with detergent;

Do not over -stimulate the threat to reproductive organs during use;

After use, clean it in time and dry it in the ventilation place, and avoid direct sunlight.

Tomorrow Flower Qiluo Bathroom Sexuria Underwear Buy Channel

Nowadays, there are more and more types of sexy underwear in Huaqiluo bathroom, and their sales channels are also very wide.In addition to adult products stores, you can also buy it through the Internet, which is convenient and fast, and also guarantees privacy.


Tomorrow Hua Luo Bathroom Sex Lingerie is a special sexy underwear. It uses special materials and can be used in the bathroom to make your fun play more romantic and exciting.Of course, you need to pay attention to your personal hygiene and regular cleaning and maintenance during use.Finally, I hope that everyone can be good at using this magical tomorrow’s flower Qiluo bathroom sexy underwear to add more fun to your fun life.

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