Transparent suspender 230 catties of sexy underwear

Transparent suspender 230 catties of sexy underwear, look here!

Putting on sex underwear is a choice of many women to add fun and color.But for women with full figure, how to choose the right underwear is a headache.Today, let’s discuss the choice of 230 pounds of transparent suspenders.

1. Material

In terms of selection of materials, transparent suspender -type sexy underwear is generally used in materials such as lace, gauze nets. These materials are soft, breathable, soft, and are suitable for contact with the skin.

2. Transparency

Transparentness is one of the key elements that need to be considered when choosing a transparent suspender sexy underwear.If you want to show your sexy curve, it is a good choice to choose a highly transparent underwear style.However, pay attention to too high transparency will affect the practicality of underwear.

3. Color

Color is one of the most interesting places for transparent suspenders.Black, red, purple, blue and other dark color and noble sense, light pink, light purple and other light colors are more suitable for delicious skin.

4. Design style

There are many styles of transparent suspender sexy underwear.The short style can usually expose the waist to make the waist more slender; the split type makes the underwear more sexy; the suspender type has a special charming feeling; the network format is more breathable, suitable for wearing in summer.

5. underwear cup

Underwear cups are the essential part of choosing underwear, especially for women with full figure.The transparent suspender -type sexy underwear is usually squeezed or 3/4 cup types. These cups are more fitted with the body, which helps to shape the perfect breast type.

6. Back bandwidth

Betal bandwidth is the key part of the underwear dress. Too narrow width can cause sore shoulders. If the width is too width, it will affect the beauty of the underwear.The width of a transparent suspender -type sexy underwear is usually widely designed, which will fit the skin and share the pressure, comfortable and beautiful.

7. Size selection

Size selection is a very critical step.It is recommended to measure your body size and query the brand’s size table before buying, so as not to be an embarrassing situation of inappropriate sizes after purchase.For women with full figure, you can choose a size larger size to avoid squeezing out of flesh.

8. Dressing skills

The transparent suspender -type sexy underwear is usually worn through. It can be paired with single products such as waist tops, short skirts, lace shorts to create charming underwear.

9. Usually maintenance

Need to pay attention to underwear maintenance, especially in close clothes.It is recommended to wash it by hand, use warm water and an appropriate amount of detergent, and gently rub it.Do not use a washing machine or soak directly, it will destroy the fabrics and materials of the underwear.

10. Suitable occasion

Finally, it is important to note that the transparent suspender -type sexy underwear is not a dress option suitable for all occasions.If it is a formal occasion or attending important meetings, it is recommended not to choose this underwear style, so as not to leave a bad impression.

in conclusion:

All in all, choosing a transparent suspender 230 catties of sexy underwear requires multiple considerations, including materials, transparency, color, design style, underwear cup, back band width, size, wearing skills, usual maintenance and suitable occasions.Only by comprehensive consideration of personal preferences and physical conditions, choosing a suitable underwear style can truly show the sexy beauty of women.

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