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Mind is not as good as acting, let’s raise sexy style!Choosing a sexy sexy underwear will make you feel confident and inject new vitality into your sex life.There are a variety of erotic underwear designs, so that you have more choices.This article will introduce some common types of sexy underwear, and provide suggestions on how to choose and match sexy underwear.

1. Set sexy underwear

Set sexy underwear is a complete sexy underwear suit, which usually includes bra, underwear and socks.The set of sexy underwear design is varied, some are lace edges, some are thin mesh cloth, and some are bright colors.This sexy lingerie style is suitable for beginners because they are easy to match and wear.Pay attention to buying a suitable size to ensure the comfort and penetration of the underwear.

Second, naked sexy underwear

The design pattern of naked sexy underwear is usually exposed to the skin in some places, making sexy more prominent.Naked underwear is divided into two types: full naked and local exposure.Full naked sexy underwear focuses on showing your physical beauty, while local exposed erotic underwear focuses on showing the charm of some specific areas.You need to pay attention to your own personality and sexy temperament, and try to choose the style that suits you.

Third, hollow sexy underwear

The hollowing -type erotic underwear is cut into different shapes by carving or tailoring, so that the skin is revealed or only a transparent mesh cloth covers.Hollow sexy underwear is relatively special, emphasizing some beautiful styling beauty in other erotic underwear.Like naked sexy underwear, you should pay attention to your own figure and personality when choosing this sexy underwear.

Four, high waist sexy underwear

High -waisted sexy underwear usually means that the upper body is a corset, and the lower part is underwear below the waist.This sexy underwear makes women look more gorgeous and shows the noble temperament of women.High -waist sexy underwear is suitable for women with shiny body, because it emphasizes the curve of the waist, modify the lines of the legs, and shows the perfect figure of women.

5. Transparent sexy underwear

Transparent sexy underwear shows the special charm of the body by using transparent materials.Transparent sexy underwear is divided into two types: perspective sexy underwear and tulle -type sexy underwear. The former is usually a translucent material, and the latter is thin as a paper material.Transparent sexy underwear is usually made of lace, mesh or other handmade inlaid.

Six, chest stickers sexy underwear

The chest sticker sexy underwear refers to a bra that does not have a shoulder strap, which only covers the nipples, rather than the sexy underwear that covers the entire chest.This sexy underwear usually gives people a bold and sexy feeling, and it is also a kind of free wear.You need to pay attention to whether the fat thinness and chest shape should be appropriate when choosing and wearing a sticker sexy underwear.

Seven, shoulder strap -type sexy underwear

Back strap -type sexy underwear is usually carried by two shoulder straps. It is a common design that emphasizes women’s chest lines and back lines.This sexy underwear is very suitable for women, because it can well emphasize the chest and make women more beautiful.

8. Chemical fiber sexy underwear

Chemical fiber sexy underwear is a sexy underwear made of chemical fibers. It is usually made of silk and nylon.This sexy underwear has good breathability and antibacteriality, and can provide better health protection for the human body.Therefore, the sexy underwear of this material is especially suitable for women who are allergic to fiber.

Nine, cortical sexy underwear

Skin -type sexy underwear is usually a sexy underwear made of natural leather. This sexy underwear has a good texture and elasticity.However, you need to pay attention to maintenance with this sexy underwear, and you need to dry it in a cool place to avoid sunlight to achieve better maintenance effects.

10. Pure color sexy underwear

Pure color sexy underwear refers to the sexy underwear of the pure color series, usually white, black, gray and other colors.This sexy underwear is very versatile, which is convenient for matching and wearing.When choosing pure pornographic underwear, you can match different styles according to different seasons, different occasions and different styles.

Conclusion: Choose suitable sexy underwear through continuous attempts and groping to find the right sexy underwear to show your personality and sexy temperament.There are many classifications of sexy underwear. Each woman can find a style that suits them, and match its most charming style.

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