Usecended to wear fun underwear novels


When I applied for the work of this sexy underwear, I did not consider that I would be forced to wear these products.My boss gave me a black lace vest with no drooping upper body and asked me to put it on.I felt very embarrassing and uncomfortable when I put on this sexy clothes for the first time, but I had to admit that seeing my figure in the mirror is so sexy and charming, and I feel a little excited.

Repeated thinking

Although I felt very uncomfortable for the first experience, I also started to think about my thoughts repeatedly.I realize that the essence of sexy underwear is to make women feel confident and beautiful.Wearing this underwear made me feel more feminine, and I also tried the style that I had never tried before, which was very interesting.


Although I was very resistant to the thoughts of wearing sexy underwear at first, I had to admit that every time I wear these products, I feel a kind of excitement.Wearing black lace vests, and sexy underwear and stockings make me feel more charming and attractive.

Enhance confidence

Sexy underwear makes me feel more confident and beautiful.This enhances my self -esteem and makes me feel that I can get anything in the world.This made me realize that when a woman felt attractive, she became more brave and more adventurous.


I used to feel very frustrated because of my body, but I found that wearing sexy underwear can help me better shape my figure.Due to the design of these underwear, I can better show my waist and hip lines.This also prompted me to pay more attention to my health and exercise.

Break the guilt

Wearing sex underwear has always been a very private topic, and is often regarded as immoral, obscene or guilty behavior.However, when you understand the essence, you realize that this underwear is just like any other form of fashion, just a kind of clothes.Women wearing sexy underwear should be regarded as strong and confident, not victims of aesthetic bias.

respect others

Whose free choice is wearing a sexy underwear, not something that others can force.Everyone’s definition of their bodies and sexy is different.We should respect the choices of others and abide by the framework of morality and law.


Wearing a sexy underwear does not mean that you always wear these things.It is just a form of fashion.Like all fashion, balance is the key.It is good to wear sexy underwear appropriately, but if you always do this, you will lose its particularity, and they will no longer be special.

in conclusion

Interest underwear allows women to shape figure, enhance self -confidence, feel natural, and promote health.Underwear is a stylish appearance, not a drug.Wearing erotic underwear is a free choice for women and should be respected and understood.

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