Very thin sex underwear how to choose

Introduction: Why is a thin girl who wants to choose fun underwear?

A very thin girl wears a sexy underwear that suits them, which can make themselves more sexy and confident.Especially at special moments, such as dating at night, celebrating special days, etc., choosing a sexy underwear that can show your advantages will leave a deeper impression.

Know your body

Before choosing a sexy underwear, you have a certain understanding of your figure.Women with thinner figures can choose sexy underwear with more lace or grids, which can increase the sense of layering.In addition, thinner girls can choose tight sexy underwear to highlight the shape curve.

Style selection: close to your style

When choosing sexy underwear, it is more confident than chasing the trend, closer to your own style.Smaller girls can choose some simple styles, rather than too complicated styles.At the same time, we should avoid choosing too loose sexy underwear to avoid affecting the effect of modifying the figure.

Color matching: Choose the color that suits you

The thin girls must also consider their skin tone and figure when choosing the color of sexy underwear.Light -colored sexy underwear will look particularly petite, and the dark color will make the figure look more slender.For people with darker skin tone, gold, bronze, dark red or dark blue color is the most suitable.

Fabric selection: Avoid excellent and overheated fabrics

For thinner girls, some excellent, rough, and overheated fabrics will not only affect the presentation of body lines, but also make people feel impermeable.Therefore, it is necessary to choose a soft, comfortable, and comfortable texture of sexy underwear to ensure physical and mental comfort.

Size selection: precise rather than false standard

Size is one of the most important factor in choosing sexy underwear.Thin girls should avoid too relaxing or too small.You should choose a precise size to make your body the best.In addition, do not use too large and small sexy underwear as a fashion element.

Perfect effect: The reason why you choose sexy underwear

Personally is the biggest reason for choosing sexy underwear.Whether in normal or special occasions, choosing the right sexy underwear can make people feel their beauty and sexy taste.The suitable personal effect is the key to determining the feeling and effectiveness.

Brand selection: Pocal focus on personality and deviation of purchase psychology

Brand choice should also be consistent with its own style.Don’t blindly pursue some extremely fashionable brands or too restrained brands.You should choose a brand that is in line with your personality and quality, so as to become your own style in the near future.

Price selection: Coordination of quality and price

Price is one of the biggest considerations for choosing sexy underwear, and the quality and price must be coordinated.Smaller girls should not blindly chase some over -the -end brands or too cheap sexy underwear.Because some inferior or too expensive sexy lingerie may cause damage to your health.

Summary: Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you is the key to making yourself more confident

It is particularly important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Not only can you get better on special occasions, you can also make yourself more confident, relaxed and pleasant.Therefore, when choosing a sexual underwear, a thinner girl should pay attention to the above elements and make more analysis and thinking to choose the most suitable sex underwear.

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