What kind of fun underwear to buy in stockings

1. Choose stockings of different materials

Choosing a breathable material stockings is very important, because comfortable stockings are often the longest stockings.Stockings are usually made of nylon, polyester fiber and cotton.Cotton is comfortable, but it is not the most suitable material for sexy stockings.Polyester fibers can make stockings more comfortable, but more time is used for sportswear manufacturing. This material is not the most suitable for sexy underwear.Therefore, nylon is usually the best choice, and has many advantages for some people.Nylon stockings have a breathable, soft, gloss and elegant appearance.

2. Choose stockings suitable for skin color

When choosing stockings, make sure to match your skin color.If stockings are the same as your skin tone, it is the best choice.If your skin tone is darker, you can choose a darker color than your skin tone, which will make your legs more beautiful.

3. Understand stockings of various mesh eyes

Different styles of stockings will have different "mesh".It is usually divided into "micro -net eyes", "big net eye" and "ultra -large net eye".Micro -net eye looks similar to ordinary stockings, while large nets and large nets will make people notice the socks.When the stockings of the big net eye may be more suitable for revealing more skin, if you do not want to be too challenging, you can choose micro -network and large mesh eyes.

4. Choose the right stockings length

The length of stockings is also important.If you want to be more sexy, you can choose stockings below the knee.If you want to be more hidden, you can choose the style of high waist stockings above the calf or knee.

5. Consider whether to bold the lines of stockings

Stockings lines can make your legs look more slender and have a certain body shaping effect.Some sexy underwear will add thicker lines to make your legs more slender and sexy.However, if you think this line is too conspicuous, you can choose ordinary stockings style.

6. Choose the right lace design

Stockings usually have lace design, each with its own characteristics.When choosing lace, you should pay attention to its smooth and not hold your skin.At the same time, you should also choose lace suitable for sexy underwear to reflect the aesthetics and harmony of the whole set of sexy underwear.

7. Choose different styles of stockings and sexy underwear

Matching stockings with sexy underwear is very important.You can choose ordinary and simple stockings styles to emphasize the beauty of sexy underwear, or choose complex stockings style to highlight your leg lines.Regardless of the method, we recommend that you always choose the color and design that matches the sexy underwear.

8. Pay attention to the choice of accessories

Choosing the right accessories is also an important step, because accessories can make your entire sexy underwear match more perfect.You can choose accessories such as high heels, gloves, earrings and other accessories that match the sexy underwear to create a perfect set of sexy underwear.

9. Consider the problem of size and size

Finally, please remember to choose the right size.Too large stockings will fall, and the small stockings will hold your skin.Before buying, measure your size and choose the right style.

10. Summary

The correct choice of stockings can make you more comfortable, and you can also emphasize your physical beauty and personality characteristics.We suggest that according to your own needs and preferences, choose a sexy underwear combination that suits you and pay tribute to your body!

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