What robots need in the sexy underwear processing factory


In today’s competitive markets, manufacturers need to adopt advanced technology to optimize their production, including sexy underwear processing.The technology of robotics has been widely used and has become popular in the sex lingerie manufacturing industry.Therefore, this article will discuss which robots need in the sexy underwear processing plant in order to make products more efficiently.

Cone robot

The cone -cut robot is very suitable for cutting the fabric into a specific shape, such as a cup cover and hem of sex underwear.These robots can not only improve production efficiency, but also reduce cluttered sewing lines.

Automatic sewing robot

Automatic sewing robots can be used to make furnishings, cups, etc., so as to complete production tasks faster.These robots are not only fast and reliable, but also help companies save labor costs.

Mold injection molding robot

This robot can be used to produce plastic parts of sexy underwear, such as hook buckle and stealth bands.This robot can also reduce human errors and production time.

Follow the robot

Following the robot, it will play an important role in cutting and suture sexy underwear to ensure that the material is firmly pasted.These robots have the advantage of improving production efficiency and reducing production time.

Visual detection robot

Visual detection robots can automatically check whether the sexy underwear in the production process meets the standards of the factory.This technology can improve quality control and reduce the return rate.

Material handling robot

Materials handling robots can help workers on the production line remove sexy underwear from the machine, or move the raw material from one production area to another.These robots can replace the manual labor of workers and improve production efficiency and work efficiency.

Automatic packaging robot

Automatic packaging robots can pack sexy underwear into independent plastic bags or boxes.These robots can quickly package a lot of sexy underwear and reduce the manual labor of workers.

Automatically adjust the robot

Automatically adjusting robots can quickly study and gradually study fun underwear, so as to ensure that the sexy lingerie brands in each manufacturing are strictly produced in accordance with the manufacturing standards.

Automated conveying robot

Automated conveyor robots can be used for sexy underwear on the production line. By improving the original transmission method, the production line’s flow efficiency and speed are improved.

in conclusion

Robotics has become a trend of practical application in production sexy underwear.These robots not only improve production efficiency, but also reduce production costs caused by workers and human errors.The sexy underwear processing factory must take into account the goals of the company when choosing a robot, and evaluate which robots are most suitable for their production processes.

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